Wodify is a CrossFit digital whiteboard system that registers athletes for class, records WOD results and remembers past performance.


It’s a GAME CHANGER. Wodify captures the spirit of the Games in our box 365 days a year! Ranking each class in real time Leaderboard fashion, performances can be checked throughout the day from computers or mobile phones. Just when athletes thought they could not be more OBSESSED with CrossFit, enter Wodify.

General Information

A better way to track results, Wodify transforms our whiteboard from a destination to a true data experience. A dry ERASE does just that. Wodify technology records performance metrics, allows members to track their diets, remembers strength and metcon benchmarks, includes affiliate management tools and saves a TON of space in our box.

Using Wodify is as easy as 3, 2, 1, GO!

3: Athletes register for class via smart phones or the keyboard under the two Wodify screens, one detailing the WOD, one serving as the Coachboard.

2: Wodify gives each athlete a mental goal to meet and beat by remembering all past strength and benchmark metcon performance.

1: Post WOD, athletes enter their results for both strength and metcon.

GO! Wodify celebrates PRs with digital ribbons next to the athlete’s name. These ribbons are seen as athletes check in to view the results of the day!

In a quest to be ranked amongst the Rxd athletes of the day, Wodifers are reporting ditched pull up bands, heavier loads, and more virtuosity in all movements. Wodify also offers a section to describe any necessary scale so athletes can compare themselves to others with like performance.


Here is a brief video showing wodify:

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