At CrossFit Hard we believe that everyone has a chance to thrive and reach their fitness goals.  We also understand that not every will take the same path to get there.   Some people find that working one-on-one with a qualified coach before hopping into any of our CrossFit classes is a big help to them.

Our private training will consist of either 1- hour sessions or 30 minute skills sessions with one of our qualified and experienced Personal / CrossFit Trainers.  The elements of the one-on-one training session will consist of:

  • Warm-up – Every session starts with a general, dynamic, and specific warm-up to help get you ready for the work ahead.

  • Skill work – Mastery of movement is much more important than moving improperly at a high intensity (recipe to get hurt). Every session, your trainer will help guide you towards a better understanding and execution of the movements being covered (all of which are movements you actually perform in everyday life).

  • Strength & Conditioning – Whether you are here to focus on increasing your strength or your engine, a specific WOD (workout of the day) will be prepared to help you achieve your goals.

  • Mobilization – With hundreds of techniques at our disposal, our trainers will show you the best ways to free yourself of all your restrictions (which cause immobilization and pain).

Every session will be customized specifically for you, based on the goals you wish to accomplish.  Our trainers main objective is to help you reach those goals in the most safe, effective, and efficient way possible!

Also, if you have a prior or current injury, we can scale any and all workouts/movements to your current ability level.  Our trainers can also help you with specific movements and drills that will compliment the rehabilitation of the affected area(s).

The movements and exercises we use combine bodyweight calisthenics with weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardiovascular exercise. The movements we teach are functional (mimic movements in real life and sports), our workouts are fun (once you’re finished), and always varied so that your body always has a reason to make an adaptation.

Maybe you’ve spent years focused on your career and work, while  neglecting  your health and fitness.   Has a nagging injury kept you from doing the things you really want (and need) to be doing?  It’s time for a change!  We will work with you by taking a gradual and systematic approach,  helping you  reignite the feeling of youth you once had.

AND….We will constantly work to motivate you, so you can achieve you GOALS!!!

How do I know if a personalized approach could work for me?

  • Complete beginner who's nervous about trying CrossFit?

  • Are you feeling stuck or stagnant with CrossFit?

  • Have you been doing the scaled movements for too long?

  • Still stuck on bands?

  • Still doing singles instead double-unders?

  • Overhead squats pissing you off?

  • Baffled by the Olympic lifts (Snatch/Clean & Jerk)?

  • Don’t know the difference between a false grip and a hook grip?

  • Do you skip the running WODs (and secretly want to run a 10k)?

  • Do rope climbs make you want to run away like a scared kitten?

  • Do you avoid workouts when they have something that you hate?

  • Embarrassed that you STILL can’t do [INSERT SKILL HERE]?

  • Do you keep making quarterly goals and not meeting them?

  • Wish you were in the muscle-up club?

Did you answer YES to any of these questions? 

Then why are you not letting us help you?!?!?

Take your training to the next level with personalized training.

Customized Training

Work on the things you want to work on. Each personal training session is centered around your specific goals and challenges. We’ll take the time to understand what you want, and what’s stopping you. Then together, we’ll work on overcoming those obstacles and getting you there.

Specialized Coaches

Each one of our talented coaches brings specialized training in a range of areas, including Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, mobility and recovery, endurance, kettlebell, nutrition, weight loss and movement. We’ll pair you with the right coach to achieve the results you want.

Price: Our prices vary from $75 to $110 per hour and $40 to $60 for our 30 min skills sessions

What are you waiting for?


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