Graham Harding

Since 2006 Graham has enjoyed helping hundreds of local people meet and exceed their fitness goals. He's always been a bit of a fitness nerd, studying for many years for ways to improve his own performance and understanding of physical fitness and general well being. He likes to remain on the cutting edge of health and fitness activity to deliver quality service, information and ultimately results to all his clients.

Graham's evolution in training shifted from traditional bodybuilding, with a 5-day body part split, to more high intensity boot camp and circuit style training. He then started MMA training and really intensified his routines with more explosive weightlifting and metabolic conditioning combinations.

Lying in bed one October evening in 2011 watching TV, Graham stumbled upon ESPN 2, which was airing the 2011 CrossFit Games. Graham couldn’t believe what these athletes were capable of and the depth of their work capacity. Curious and inspired, he went to the internet and found CrossFit.com. The next day he set up his own garage gym and started doing CrossFit workouts with his wife, Alana. He then began implementing CrossFit into his client’s workouts and saw a huge impact to their fitness and their quality of life.

It wasn't until doing his CrossFit level 1 certification in early 2012 that Graham really experienced the power of the CrossFit community. He found the sense of community very appealing , the willingness to help, and encouragement we give to each other. Without exception, when the first person is done with the workout, they come to cheer on the others. This absence of egoism makes the newer athletes feel welcomed and encouraged. The CrossFit community accepts everyone and cheers for them to get stronger and better.  

Being an avid CrossFit practitioner for the last couple of years, Graham has met some of the most amazing and inspirational people. All of whom have touched his life in one way or another. CrossFit has provided him with a new outlook and perspective on life. While working out at CrossFit Done Right in Rockville, Graham met Victor Policarpio and they instantly became good friends.

Graham looks forward to CrossFitting everyday and he can say with confidence that almost every member at a CrossFit gym feels the same way. It truly is a community that he is proud to be a part of. What is most important is that it is a fun way to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. The attitude you experience from your peers when you are working out is so motivating and up-lifting.

Graham’s love for CrossFit has grown exponentially, and his life has changed in so many positive ways. Graham quickly realized he wanted to share with people what CrossFit gave to him…a better way of living. Graham believes what you do today effects how you live the rest of your life, and it’s never too late to start. Graham dreamed of opening a CrossFit gym that met and did everything to accommodate the needs of the members, Thankfully so did his good friend Vic who has been a source of inspiration and guidance during this journey. Graham’s passion for encouraging and helping people is what motivates him every morning to get out of bed, and out of that love was born CrossFit Hard.

Graham sums it up like this, "CrossFit has provided the framework, tools and structure I need to get in the best shape of my life, and I will be a CrossFitter for life". CrossFit is so much more than just an exercise program. It is a means to self-actualization that regularly necessitates facing and overcoming fear; it forces you to grow in courage and integrity; it forges character as well as fitness.

Graham's belief that CrossFit is a catalyst for positive change helps him to help spread the good word. CrossFit Hard will embody many of the conceptual foundations Coach Greg Glassman put into practice over a decade ago. CrossFit Hard will provide a supportive experience to develop physical strength, mental fortitude, emotional growth and happy healthy lifestyles through high intensity, constantly varied functional fitness.


Victor Policarpio

Vic is a Lieutenant in the Navy, as a weapons engineer & Acquisition Analyst with 6 years of military experience.  “A few years ago I was introduced to this new thing called “CrossFit” and fell in love! …especially Olympic Weightlifting that has become a passion of mine.”  Vic fully appreciates the necessity of fitness and the role it plays in everyday life and sports.  Vic believes that the psychology of sport, fitness and fun play a vital role in the success of a healthy and active lifestyle. “ I’m passionate about working with kids which is why I started the CrossFit Kids program. Revealing kids to the CrossFit style enables them to grow up healthy and strong while developing a life-long love of working out. I really enjoy teaching kids to run, jump, push, pull, throw, climb, and lift in ways that are effective and safe regardless of whether they play athletics.”

During his college career, he won a NCAA championship in swimming, and came in third place in the National Championship.  Achieving All-American status as a Freshman in the 50-yd Freestyle and 100-yd Breaststroke at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.  Vic graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in June 2010 with a BS in Marine Engineering and Business. 

Out of his love for CrossFit, Vic began sharing his passion with everyone. It wasn’t long before Vic realized that helping and encouraging people was his calling in life. Naturally, Vic and Graham collaborated and knew instantly that they shared the same passion for helping others. It was out of faith, conviction, and pure determination that Graham and Vic spawned CrossFit Hard…a gym purely and solely dedicated to helping people from any and all walks of life to live happier and better lives!

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