Mechanics, Consistency then Intensity

We will train for form. Form comes first. Not performance. We will train with the knowledge and confidence that performance follows form.

Give 100%. Close enough is not good enough. Do it right, and do all that is required to be the best athlete you can.

Give your best, to be your best. Realize this can be coaxed, but ultimately is your responsibility.

Respect the abilities of all whom you train with and give them your support and encourage them regardless.

You are here to learn, and know an open mind will see us all progress faster.

If your coach offers advice, realize this is done with their best intentions at heart, for your benefit. They are not getting on your case!

Accept where you are now, no sulking, personal trash talking, or negative competition with yourself or others. Accept that training is a process. You are here to improve.

You are here to have fun. There is more to life than working out.

You will be a positive ambassador for CrossFit Hard

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