An intensive CrossFit program for motivated high school and collegiate athletes home for the summer. We will develop your overall strength, speed, and conditioning to send you back to school in the best shape of your life!

New to CrossFit or a seasoned veteran, the Unlimited Summer CrossFit program at CrossFit Hard will challenge your limits, physically and mentally.

Our CrossFit program is rooted in a progression based system of CrossFit and movement instruction. Every class is designed to help you learn and master basic through advanced movements & concepts. We use individually tailored weightlifting, gymnastics, sprinting, and general conditioning drills to ensure you arrive this fall in peak physical condition: stronger, faster, and better prepared for any athletic endeavor.

We teach technique, consistency, then intensity.

To improve overall performance, regeneration techniques and nutritional guidance are used to educate young athletes on how decisions off the field, between games, and at practices can improve their athletic ability. Athletes work in small groups with coaches to ensure training is done correctly and efficiently.

 The complete package focuses on helping you become more athletic overall. The more athletic you become, the easier it will be to translate that athleticism to meet the demands of your sport. It's hard to become better at the skills of your sport in the gym—but you can definitely become more athletic. This will, in turn, make it easier to perform the skills you need—throwing, catching, shooting, climbing, swimming or running.

While your friends spend the summer getting slower and weaker, you’ll be getting better every week.

What you will own after this summer:
• A flexible, mobile, functional body – the foundation for injury resistance
• A strong body, with strength that’s useful – you must be strong before you can be explosive
• Quickness born of improved neuromuscular coordination and motor patterning: “crawl-walk-run-sprint”
• Knowledge of nutrition and how to fuel the athletic body, daily and for training and competition
• Confidence in yourself and in what is best for you – ability to resist outside pressure for weight loss or gain
• Increased work capacity


Through basic barbell work to Olympic style weightlifting, plyometrics and speed, agility and quickness drills and mobility, our athletes will be well prepared physically for their next competitive season. Those heading to a collegiate program will do so with knowledge and comfort in being familiar with the weight room and expectations of collegiate strength coaches. Using confidence-building work capacity training and teamwork.

Our coaches have high standards and are demanding, we believe our athletes expect no less. If athletes have summer programming to follow for their school, we will assist them in accomplishing that work, and include them in other areas where they can benefit from a positive and professional training environment within a supportive community.


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