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The Hard Body Bootcamp is a Smart HIIT workout designed to get you in shape fast with our 45 minute, full-body, metabolism-blasting, lean-muscle building class.


The Science

We started the Hard Body Bootcamp because we wanted a workout that didn't waste your time, while giving you everything you needed to get in the best shape possible. So to figure out how to do this, we dove into the research and discovered some interesting facts:  

  • Reverse The Effects Of Aging - Interesting Fact #1: As you get older (as you may already be aware) your body naturally starts to "break down". Important hormones like insulin and growth hormone -- which are responsible for keeping you from gaining unwanted belly fat and building lean muscle mass -- naturally become less effective. However, researches found HIIT workouts improve how these hormones function, which means you can reverse (or at least slow down) the inevitable aging process.


  • Curves In All The Right Places - Interesting Fact #2: You may feel the burn with bodyweight lunges and cycling, but they just won't cut it when you're trying to get the strong, sexy curves you're after. It turns out those curves come from building enough lean muslce, and that lean muscle is built by incorporating resistance training into your workouts.


  • Don’t Waste Your Time - Interesting Fact #3: You’ve probably heard the term “functional movements” thrown around. Well turns out it’s for a good reason. Functional movements like squats, kettlebell swings, box jumps, sled pushes, etc, are all shown to absolutely CRUSH exercises like the elliptical or isolation movements in basically anything you’d care about. Burn more calories? Increase lean muscle mass? Improve body composition? Functional movements for the win!


  • Burn Fat - Interesting Fact #4: Have you heard of a hormone called cortisol? This is your stress hormone and, as it turns out, too much of this hormone is responsible for fat creation and storage. So how do you get too much cortisol? Long, mindless workouts. Both endurance training and high intensity workouts without adequate rest were shown to increase cortisol to undesirable levels for fat loss. This means if you want to burn fat, your workouts must be intense but with the right amount of rest.

And finally, we took a look around at some of the people with the best bodies in the world and how they workout. Turns out what we saw matches up with our research. These athletes are doing HIIT style workouts, using the right amount of resistance, with the right kind of exercise, with the right amount of rest mixed in. 


What is the Hard Body Bootcamp?

The Hard Body Bootcamp is what we call a Smart HIIT bootcamp. We developed the Smart HIIT concept from years of training experience, as well as diving into the latest research. It combines everything that’s great about high-intensity workouts and resistance training, and drops everything that’s not. 

There are 4 main principles that guide Smart HIIT:

1. High Intensity Interval Training

At the heart of Smart HIIT is high intensity interval training. A quick search on Google will show you the laundry list of benefits of HIIT training, but here are a couple of the scientifically proven benefits: burns more calories, boosts endurance, burns more fat, is good for the heart, on and on.

High Intensity.png


2. Crescendo-Decrescendo Class Structure

Most bootcamps have you working at the same high level of intensity the entire class. But we already know that this is counter productive to your goals. Smart HIIT classes gradually increase from warm-up to your max intensity (crescendo) and then gradually decrease (decrescendo) to an active recovery, providing you with the right tempo and rest periods to maximize your results.

Relative Resistance.png

3. Relative Resistance Training

Think about it: you body responds differently to certain things compared to your friends and coworkers. The amount of coffee you can drink before getting too buzzed, the amount of sleep you can get to not be a zombie. Why should your resistance training be any different? Your body is unique, and the weights you use in your workout should be adjusted for you to achieve maximum results.


4. Functional Movements

You won't find any machines or bosu balls at the Hard Body Bootcamp. Smart HIIT is about being, well, smart. We want you to see results fast, and we know functional movements like squats, push-ups, box jumps, and sled drags take the metaphorical cake when it comes to getting fit. 



Your Coaches

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Coach Sherelle

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Coach Mina


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the class? Each class is 45 minutes long. 


How are the classes structured? Following our crescendo-decrescendo class structure, classes start with an active warm-up that ramps up in intensity


Wll I be lifting weights? You won’t be “lifting weights” like powerlifters or Olympic Weightlifters. But you will be using equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, etc as these are FAR superior than machines in getting you the body you want. 


So the first class is $ much does it cost after that? After your first class, the cost is $20/class.


Can I get a discount? Actually, yes you can! Every friend you bring to class for the first time, both you and your friend get that session free!


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