Certifications, Experience, Honors

  • Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer CF-L3

  • CrossFit Gymnastics

  • CrossFit Kids

  • CrossFit Weightlifting

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2006

  • ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist

  • BA in Leisure Marketing


Years CrossFitting?



What do you specialize in?

Helping others get as excited and proactive about their health as I am

Finding peoples movement inefficiencies and designing fun and effective programs to help them, move and feel better 

And I love gymnastics...


What are you passionate about?

I genuinely love to be of service to people and have a direct positive impact in their lives.

Working towards making our gym the best training facility possible

Building an amazing team of coaches

Creating our tribe of members who are living fit, healthy, zest filled and vibrant lives


What do you love most about coaching your members?

What I love to see is not only the physical transformation that so many people make but also the mental transformation they experience after committing themselves to our program. Often times people are surprised to learn what their bodies are capable of. I’m most passionate about helping our members understand their potential.

I love to see a person get their first pull-up or their first toes-to-bar and then observe as they hold their head a little higher in class. The increase in self confidence that usually follows a physical transformation can carry over into so many areas of one’s life not just limited to the gym. If we have a little patience and put in the work, we are all capable of so many more things than we may have ever thought possible.


What is your athletic background? Any notable accomplishments?

British born I was a fitness fanatic from a very young age, I competed at a national level in Judo and Swimming; Later I became involved in Soccer, Rugby, Triathlons, Cross Country Running and Track and Field. During my late teens I became an adrenaline junky, developing a love for Windsurfing, Surfing, Mountain Biking, Canoeing and Sailing. After leaving the Royal Air Force I dipped my toe in bodybuilding style workouts, MMA and powerlifting before finding and falling in love with CrossFit.


How did you end up as a CrossFit coach? What path brought you here?

I learned early how the body works, and the importance of the many facets of fitness. I realized that being in tune with my body gave me a more positive attitude on life.

While serving as a Officer in the Royal Air Force I became heavily involved in coaching strength and conditioning with our Rugby teams. This first coaching experience fueled a passion to share my philosophy of healthy living and how to achieve your optimum fitness with others.

I have run a successful personal training business in the DC area since 2006 and have enjoyed helping hundreds of local people meet and exceed their fitness goals. 

Knowledge is power, I've searched for many years for ways to improve my own performance and understanding of physical fitness and general well-being. I like to stay on the cutting edge of health and fitness activity in delivering quality service, information and ultimately results to my clients. In 2011 I discovered CrossFit and was hooked instantly. The CrossFit prescription of "constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement" was an aha moment for me.  

Once I got involved in classes as a member I wanted to learn more and start coaching CrossFit myself. At 47 I'm in the best shape of my life, more athletic and stronger now than ever before. I love the community aspect of CrossFit; being around like-minded, self-starting strivers helps motivate me to be better in all areas of fitness.


What do you do when you’re not CrossFitting?

Enjoying anything adventurous and fun with my Wife and Daughter: running with my Dogs, riding my motorcycle, DJing, making music, DIY and landscaping!


With a diverse background in strength and conditioning, Graham brings his love of research, coaching and personal improvement to CrossFit Hard. He has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry.


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"When your going through hell keep going!" - Winston Churchil

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