1. Try a Free Intro

It’s really easy to get started. No matter your fitness level or background, all that is absolutely necessary to start training is an open mind and a commitment to the program.

You’ve already taken some time to read what we are about. We’ve explained how our program can produce remarkable results and is scalable to suit all fitness levels. Maybe you’re just not sure you believe it, or not sure you will “fit in” once you get to the facility. That’s perfectly understandable, and you are not the only one who has felt that way.

Come by and join us for a free intro, nothing we say will make much sense until you do it.  The first class is free and if you don’t like it, all it cost you was 60 minutes of your time and at the very least, you will get a great workout. However, if you don’t try it, you could be missing an opportunity that could be life-changing.

Are you willing to take that chance? 

Depending on your comfort level, we can schedule an individual fitness evaluation for you, or you could bring a friend and do it together. During this evaluation, you can meet the trainers, learn what we do at CrossFit Hard, share your goals and concerns, and if it turns out you want to give it a try for a few months, we can help you find a membership plan that works for you. If you come from an athletic background and are highly active, we could also bring you in for a quick orientation and let you participate in one of our group workouts instead – to really get a taste for the camaraderie and energy of a group WOD. This is something you will have to see to believe!



2. Once you complete your free intro, the next step is to get signed up for our On-Ramp Program

At CrossFit Hard we offer a very comprehensive On-Ramp Program designed to help new athletes learn about CrossFit. This is a group class, where you get to really experience the power of the CrossFit community. As a group of athletes new to CrossFit you will find the encouragement we give to each other to be very motivating and inspiring. Without exception, when the first person is done with the workout, they come to cheer on the others. This absence of egoism makes the newer athletes feel welcomed and encouraged. The CrossFit community accepts everyone and cheers for them to get stronger and better. 

If you would describe yourself as any of the following, then the CrossFit Hard On-Ramp Program is right for you, and you MUST COMPLETE THE ON-RAMP before joining in normal classes:

-You are starting your first fitness program.

-You are just starting a fitness program after a long period of inactivity.

-You exercise regularly, but have no previous CrossFit Experience.

-You have previous CrossFit Experience, but have taken at least 6 months off.

-You CrossFit on your own regularly, but you do so without a coach.


What is the On-Ramp program?

The emphasis of the On-Ramp is on skill development and exposure to our basic movements. It is designed to prepare you to enter our ongoing group classes. We are going to be hammering technique—both to ensure your safety—and success at the next level.


  • We will introduce you to technique and mechanics first, then intensity.
  • We will be showing you movements that begin with the relatively non technical and progressively more technical.
  • It’s important that you are here for each of the 12 sessions as these movements build on one another.
  • There will be a workout at the end of each day, which will get progressively more challenging as the course progresses.
  • The difficulty of these workouts is ultimately in your hands.... the degree that you push yourself will determine how much suffering goes on. The class is called "On Ramp" for a specific reason... we want to ramp you up to the level of intensity and output that is inherent in our group classes.
  • Shifts in body composition are one of the most motivating was to measure success. We highly encourage you to take "Before" pictures at the beginning of the On-Ramp class.


 Our On-Ramp includes:

  • Functional movements: Nine in total, including squats, presses and pulls. All done with or without weights.
  • Equipment (C2, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, ropes, rings, walls, sleds).
  • Powerlifting
  • A few skill builders (burpee's, wall balls, running, rowing, walking lunges, push-ups, pull-ups)
  • Nutrition (Forget the beach. You want to look good naked? You'll need this one too)
  • Olympic Lifts


When does the On-Ramp run?

With the large number of new members we are currently running on ramps at every class time. Feel free to join us at the time that suits your schedule best. We have multiply coaches so will be able to safely guide you through the on-ramp class that you are currently at.The On-Ramp runs Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7:00am or 6:30pm. You can come to either time. We start the our new class at the start of each month and its important to attend each of the 12 sessions in order as the movements we teach build on each other. 



One-on-One coaching is the most effective way to achieve your individual fitness goals and gain mastery of our foundational movements. Over the course of 6-12 coaching sessions you will learn how to safely and efficiently perform our program’s most common movements. The coaches will tailor the pace of instruction and the rigor of your sessions specifically to your fitness capacity, goals and preferences. One-on-One Coaching is strongly recommended if you have been sedentary for over a year, are training for a specific sport or event, have significant health limitations or just prefer the additional attention and accountability.



Once you have completed our On-Ramp program you are now ready to jump in the group WOD's!


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