I would like to introduce a very special guest speaker, Dr Hiza Mbwana. I have seen first hand Hiza's unique mastery of Physical Therapy and highly encourage you all to attend this fun seminar. Over to Hiza to introduce himself and more about the 29th.

Dr. Hiza Mbwana.

Pain Management Clinical Athlete.

I believe for any athlete to reduce injuries and to feeling you can run stronger, faster, longer or pain free is a skill that should be taught and experienced.

My name is Dr. Hiza Mbwana and I'm a Physical Therapist and owner of Kimbia Physio, a. clinic specializing in performance related injuries & pain. I believe when an athlete is in pain, they're willing to do and try almost anything to get relief.  I specialize in educating & reassuring you that the sky is not falling so you get back to feeling good. This is at the heart of why I work with athletes. Their symptoms are often ignored until they’re no longer able to participate in the sport(s) they love. This can have a lasting negative impact on performance.

I have spent the last decade treating and assisting athletes get their lives back.

I believe all athletes have a unique way of interpreting the way their bodies feel and move. I believe running stronger and lifting heavier or smoothly all rely on how you interpret how well your joints & muscles do work. I believe pain or your injuries play a significant role in your performance & feeling better again requires placing YOU back in the drivers seat of your condition.

Working together to provide you the best solutions to pain & mobility can get you back in the game performing confidently much faster and consistently.


Here's what we’ll cover on April 29th-

- Cadence. What’s it all about &  does it affect my running

-Does footwear matter ?

-Does foot Strike matter

-Staying injury free, is that even a thing?


An interactive 2 hours of fun learning& discovering creative ways to staying healthy and run pain free.

What you need to do Is

·       Come prepared to run, Jump and lift heavy things

·       leave a smarter, better runner


This is a free seminar open to members and non- members at CrossFit Hard on 29th April from 12pm-2pm

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