Its that time of year again when your fitness can take a hit. Fear not we have your back again with our Holiday Body Weight Challenge - Here is the challenge..

It starts on November 17th with 2 burpees. November 18th 4 burpees and continues on adding 2 every day until Jan. 5th which will be 100 burpees!!!

The point of the challenge is to keep you engaged and doing something physical no matter where you travel or what you do. 

Here’s the kicker?.. if you miss a day, you must make up the day you missed and that days, so it will behoove you to not fall behind. When you start getting further into the challenge you don’t have to do all your burpees at once, you can spread them throughout the day.

What is a Burpee? What is a 100 burpee challenge? We love to hate these little demons of endurance. How do we learn to appreciate them? By doing more of them! We are going into the winter season, slowly but surely and what a good way to pass the time indoors while staying conditioned …

We are doing a contest for you as well. Take a funny picture or make a video of you doing burpees in a cool place. 

Post it to our Facebook event here! then tag CrossFit Hard's page by doing @crossfithard. 

At the end of the challenge we will do something special for the best picture or video. 

Stay engaged. Have fun. Do some burpees, and don’t let your fitness fall behind this holiday season!

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