You’ve been there before: Walking into a massive gym alone, wandering around the equipment wondering what it’s for, until you wind up on a treadmill, going nowhere and staring at a screen. Or maybe you’ve snuck into a fitness class, hid in the back row and hoped no one noticed you. Not exactly motivating. And not the best way to get results for your membership dues.

At CFHard, you better believe you’ll get noticed. You’ll also get the expert coaching, guidance, support and motivation you need to safely push yourself and see results. Here’s what you can expect from group CrossFit classes at CFHard.



Fitness for Everyone

We have group CrossFit classes for everyone, from the novice to the elite athlete and those in between — six days a week, scheduled from 5 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. We’ll help you find the class that challenges you while making you feel most comfortable. We’ll also make sure you get the appropriate instruction for your fitness level and experience.

Coaches Who Care

All CFHard group classes are lead by certified CrossFit trainers with years of CrossFit experience. They know what they’re doing, and how to keep you motivated, accountable and injury-free. Our coaches care personally and deeply about the success of every person in the class. We notice when you’re having a rough time, and reach out to help. And we celebrate every victory with you as if it were our own. We live for your PRs (personal records).

Training You Can Trust

We demand way more from our coaches than a Level 1 weekend certification. Every CFHard coach goes through the area’s most intensive and thorough instructor training program before setting foot in front of a class. We also have an ongoing coaching mentoring program to improve all our coaching skills collectively. We know how to break down complex movements into understandable parts, how to scale for injury and mobility limitations, and how to push people without breaking them. We have the best-trained coaches around, hands-down. And with small classes, you’ll get their undivided attention.

Ego-Free Zone

Our classes are small, supportive, inclusive and free of judgment. We ask our members to leave their egos at the door, listen, learn, and bring a positive attitude. Whether you’re new to CrossFit or a veteran firebreather, you’ll be treated with respect and asked to do the same for others. And whether you’re first to finish a workout or last, you’ll be cheered, encouraged, back-slapped and high-fived by every sweaty person around you.

Safe and Smart

Our classes are carefully programmed by our head coach, Vic with his extensive experience. There’s a science to our programming, designed to maximize results in the most efficient, effective and safest way. We believe in building our members up, rather than beating them down. That’s why you won’t find many long chippers in our weekly workout schedule. Instead, you’ll see a strategic balance of strength training, gymnastics, endurance and agility training, as well as proven CrossFit methodologies. It works.

Expect the Unexpected

No two CrossFit classes are the same at CFHard. We adhere to the CrossFit credo of “always varied functional movements.” This means each class is different, which also means your mind and body will stay challenged and interested. The movements you’ll perform in class aren’t just for show, either — they translate directly to your everyday tasks. You’ll be able to lift that basket of laundry, carry your grocery bags up a flight of stairs, push that lawnmower, rearrange your furniture, chase your kids, and get things done with greater ease.

Have Fun Getting Fit

Yes, you’ll be challenged. You’ll be pushed past your perceived limits. You’ll sweat. But you’ll also have more fun than you’ve ever had going to any gym. CFHard CrossFit classes are high on energy, loud, inspiring, exhilarating shared experiences. Nothing brings people together like conquering a CrossFit workout. You’ll feel accomplished, proud, and surprised by what you can do. That’s what will keep you coming back. And why you’ll see amazing results.

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