Have you ever had this thought: “I don’t want to practice muscle-ups because everyone will see how bad I am at them.” 

What about this one: “I’m not going to train with him because he beats me every time.”

Congrats, you’re human. To become superhuman, we have to flip the script. 


It’s not about


it’s about


It’s not about pass/fail. It’s not about whether or how well you can do certain things. It’s about what you’re becoming by doing those things. If you struggle and you fail—good. That’s where the learning zone is, we want that to happen. We want you to not be able to do some things. If we just gave you layups all the time and you went through them like a checklist, “check, got it, check got it,” you wouldn’t be learning and growing the way that you could. We want it to be hard. We want you to be challenged. That’s where you develop the most. It’s not about being—it’s about becoming. It’s about walking away better than you were. Take that to every day of your life. That’s where toughness resides.

Winning, autopilot, comfort and simplicity might make us feel good, but they’re not helping us grow. For that, we need the unsung heroes—struggle, failure, stress, adversity, and frustration.

It’s not about being—it’s about becoming.

Cheers to the struggle. 

-Coach Vic


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