Dear Fitness family, I hope you are well and are enjoying a sizzling summer!

Its been a while since you heard from me; after an epic month back in the UK for my brothers wedding and daughters violin tour I am back and ready to help motivate you!

In the middle of a WOD:

When your legs feel like rubber and you can barely lift your arms above your waist.

When you’re covered in sweat and feel like you can’t breathe.

When the only thought you can manage to put together is that you need this to end.

That is the moment when your mind must be stronger than your body.

Surviving a workout requires genuine mental toughness, the ability to talk yourself through the reps that feel impossible. To convince yourself to start the next round when you only want to rest. To finish with the same determination you had when you started. Thats not easy.

But it comes with incredible payoffs. WOD’s change our bodies, they make us better, faster, stronger. But they also change our minds. Pushing through the challenges teaches us about ourselves - how we work, what we need, what we want. In deadlifts, we find the resolve and power we never knew we had. In pull-ups, we discover a steely inner strength. Through rowing we learn to pass through difficult waters. And when we take that knowledge forged in the box and apply it to our lives, amazing things can happen!

Our new Monday motivation is about that mental portion of your workout. There are mantras to help you make it through your toughest workouts, questions to consider when you feel your commitment flagging, and truths to make you smile and think. We’re drawn to the box because of the way WOD’s change us on the outside, but we stay because of how they change us on the inside. May our Monday motivation serve as inspiration and affirmation, but mostly may it be motivation for you to get out there and kick a little ass!!!

Coach Graham

On the days when the


looks like your worst

enemy, make it your

best friend.

You can always
do Five.



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