Here we go CF Hard Athletes,

“If you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.” - Mario Andretti

When we are truly going for it, there is an unmistakable sense of being slightly out of control.

The author of this quote, Mario Andretti, is one of the most successful race car drivers of all time. To bank turns at speeds that could without question kill, and do it with this mindset, speaks to the feeling of chasing down something great.

We won’t be 100% sure what’s around that next corner.
But we’re going anyways.

Anything worth doing, will illicit really, really uncomfortable feelings. The separating factor is our ability to settle in the eye of the storm. To find our calm, and to dive into the next turn at 100mph… even when we don’t know for sure what’s around the bend. Do we get lost in the chaos, or does our focus and commitment to our true north continue our path forward?

There’s a reason why it’s half-jokingly described as, "where the magic happens”.

This week:

Monday – Squat Waves + Olympic Cycling
Tuesday – Pressing + Conditioning
Wednesday – Three Skills Conditioning
Thursday – Deadlift + strength Conditioning
Friday – Bench Press + Interval gymnastics Conditioning
Saturday – Team Conditioning
Sunday – Rest Day

Coach Vic

Cycle 1 “Grunt-work” Day 13

In “Grunt Work”, we have a potent combination of two goals: Strength and Durability.

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Overhead work to start our Tuesday. First building on the barbell., to follow, a conditioning benchmark - "Vader".
Let's get strong.

Push Press 

On the 1:30 x  4 Sets of 6 Repetitions
Set #1 - 76%
Set #2 - 78%
Set #3 - 80%
Set #4 - 83%

Percentages based on your estimated 1RM Push Press.

Third and final week with this specific repetition scheme, adding 3% from last week. Rest as needed between sets, but aim to keep it to 2:00 or less.

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds:
24/17 Calorie Row
21 Wallballs
18 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches
15 Lateral Burpees over Rower

Rx Wallball - 20/14 (Males 10' Target, Females 9')
Rx Dumbbell - 50/35

25 Min CAP

In this WOD, all repetitions and loads are intended to be on the manageable side, where the stimulus calls for each set to be completed with at most, one break. Applying this to the wallballs and dumbbell snatches, what we are creating here is a metabolic finish to our day where it's less about if we can find large sets, and more about, how fast we move on the repetitions and transitions.


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