From elite athletes to weekend warriors and Crossfit mums, these tips will help you to improve your technique, stay safe, have fun. For this week’s blog, we’re all about double unders. On the surface, double unders sound pretty simple. The idea is to get your jump rope and let it pass under your feet twice on each jump. In practice, however, there is an art to correctly completing a double under. That said, anyone can achieve double unders with enough practice and patience.

1. Keep Your Elbows close

The #1 problem I see when people start double unders is that they try to make their arms look like giant windmills. Swinging your entire arm is inefficient, and you look plain dumb. This may take some practice, and using a speed rope will help, but it is all in the wrists. Extending your arms and elbows away from your body when you jump is a big mistake. Holding your arms away from your body makes the jump rope shorter, so the revolutions become more involved. Keep your elbows close to your sides, and you’ll find it easier to jump properly. Plus, it’s much easier to jump with your arms closer to your body than it is to hold them extended away from your body!

2. Height over Speed

Start out jumping higher than you need to. Don’t make it a habit, but get a good feel for what it takes to swing the rope twice under you. You will find it is not as complicated as you think. The most important aspect of a double under is the jump. You should stay on your toes and jump like a pogo stick, cleanly and efficiently. Jumping higher is key to perfecting a double under. Moving the rope quicker will only work to give you more bruises when the rope hits your calves at speed! Perfect your jump and the speed will come naturally.

3. Don’t Jump With Your Feet Too Close Together

Give yourself a stable base to jump by keeping your feet apart. You should try to keep your feet at a hip-distance apart to give yourself more control while you’re jumping. You’ll be thrown off balance really quickly if your feet are too close together. Try to refine your jumping technique to prevent possible injuries.

4.  Focus on Timing

Let’s discuss the alternative to fast double unders, which is to focus on right timing.  Working hand in hand with developing good timing is learning how to slow your rope speed down by increasing the height of your jump (or bound).  By creating more time in the air, you are forced to slow the rope down to match your bounding tempo.  What’s the drawback to this solution?  Only that your fatigue will now be caused by connecting more double unders, then you ever thought possible.

5. Be Patient

Remember the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’? That’s actually pretty accurate! Results only come with time and practice. Don’t expect to become an expert overnight, remember that progression is one jump at a time! Be patient and don’t rush yourself. If your jumping technique isn’t working, then try something different. Don’t give up until you reach your goal.

That’s it for this week’s blog! Let us know what tips you have for mastering double unders and we’d love to know if any of our tips have helped you!

Stay tuned for more next week!

Coach Vic




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