Happy Wednesday CrossFitHard family! As you're all testing, we wanted to take a quick moment to applaud all of your hard work and efforts these last few days, keep it up!


Today we have ourselves here a valuable lesson by way of satire from our friends @TheOverheardPress , and don't lie, you've all thought this concept worked too! 


"I’m passing out at the top of the stairs I climb to reach the second floor of my building, and experiencing multiple heart-palpatations throughout the day, but that’s just my body adapting to the increased training stimulus. "


 Click here for the full article! 


2017 CYCLE 1 DAY 3

Shoulder Press (1 Rep. Max)(15 minutes)
Standing barbell strict press from the rack.

Build across 5-7 sets to find your max.
1×5 @ 50%
1×3 @ 60%
1×2 @ 70%
1×1 @ 80%
1×1 @ 90%
1×1 @ 95%
1×1 @ 100%+ or new PR

2017 Cycle 1 Tri Test (Time)For Time(15:00 CAP):
800m Run
1k row
2k Bike


For Time:
400m Run
500m Row
1k BikeIf the first option seems impossible to complete under the time cap, choose the second option.

Note which option you chose and the order you completed it in the comments.

If CAPed, your time is 15 minutes. Note the amount of work completed.



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