5 Practical Ways to Develop a Killer Instinct – For Athletes.

1.    Titles not times. Forget records. Forget personal bests. Forget tracking your percentage improvements. Compete to win! Focus on titles and podium finishes and not how much your techniques and skills levels have improved. And if you don’t win – do something about it! Work harder, work smarter, work more consistently, recover more, change your diet, and take better care of your injuries and psychological well-being.

2.    Race to win. Feel free to think about, talk about and train hard for winning. Get comfortable talking about winning. It’s not a rude word! It’s what you crave. Winners naturally and comfortably focus on winning – that’s why they win so often. If you don’t focus on winning when you race or play or compete – who will?

3.    Forget the obsession with “qualifying”…..so much of sport is based on chasing qualifying standards. Forget about it. Stop chasing a fraction of a second here so you can qualify for this event or that competition. Focus instead on the development of the full complement of competitive skills – (physical, mental, technical, tactical and strategic) that you need to win and embrace a relentless commitment to excellence and hard work in practice and guess what….the qualifying will take care of itself. Too many athletes focus on “qualifying” to the point where qualifying itself seems like the end point. Qualifying is merely the doorway to the competition experience – don’t knock lightly – knock the “door” down and rush in at top speed!

4.    Win in practice! Training is not just training – it’s winning practice. Anyone can swim laps….anyone. Anyone can run laps….anyone. Just doing the laps will not make you a winner. At every possible opportunity in training – practice winning. Learn to race anyone – anytime – anywhere and in any situation in practice and you’re well on the way to thinking and preparing like a winner.

5.    Develop Playing skills – not just Staying skills. There are millions of great Stayers in competitive sport all over the world … athletes who are focused on physiology and who train hard, eat well, get plenty of rest and recovery and love their chosen sport. But they don’t win. Getting the physiology right is important – but Players – winners – focus on also developing the complete range of performance skills they need to meet the demands of every situation they face in competition.


WOD 080117


What is your favorite pizza topping?


Deadlift (12 x 3)


MIN 1 - 4: 5 x 60%
MIN 5 - 8: 4 x 65%
MIN 9 - 12: 3 x 70%


Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)


9 DB Deadlift
7 DB Hang Power Clean
5 S2OH

RX+ (70/50)
RX (50/35)

Accessory Work

Metcon (No Measure)

DB Push Press x Ring Dip Flight Simulator -

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 DB Single Arm Push Press/Ring Dip

The presses should be PER arm.

Ie. 10 reps/each arm on the round of 10.


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