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WOD 060517

Who is your hero, and why?

Cycle 2 Synopsis

This week we begin testing for cycle 2!  A huge congratulations to all the athletes who saw PRs after cycle 1.  We are very proud of the work you all have been putting in.  Now it's time to get to the good stuff!  Think of cycle one as the price of admission.  We had to build the strength and capacity to start training the technical movements we will begin in this phase.  This cycle is going to be all about Olympic lifting and gymnastics.  For those of you that have been around for awhile, it will be a great chance to revisit the basics, clean up your lifts, and maybe finally get some of those cool gymnastics skills like muscle ups.  If you are new to Crossfit, this will be a great time to learn good habits.  While we will be taking a lot of time in training to master all of these movements, you will still be metconning regularly.
Metcons in cycle 1 were longer, generally aerobic, pieces designed to increase your work capacity.  Now moving in to cycle 2, we will be pushing for a little bit more intensity and somewhat shorter time domains(5-15 minutes, with only the occasional piece longer than 20 minutes).
During test week this week, we are going to jump right in to the Olympic lifts and gymnastics.  You will be testing snatch, clean & jerk, a gymnastics push, and a gymnastics pull.  With the snatch and clean & jerk we just want to see where you are starting at.  Do not worry about weight yet, movement must come first.  I would rather see you "PR" by learning to do a perfect snatch with good form and positions instead of adding weight to ad form.  The gymnastics tests will also focus on building strength in proper positions and then learning to transition from one position to the next.  Along with all of these skill tests, there will be some metcons to ensure we are still increasing your overall fitness.  Just like last cycle, push hard this test week so we have a good baseline.


Snatch (1 x 1 )

**Follow the progression from hang POWER snatch to hang [SQUAT] snatch to full SQUAT SNATCH.

The hang power snatch and hang snatch are just meant to warm your movement patterns as you are getting toward attempting your full snatch.

The only score that matters is the full snatch.

Only go to the level at which you can maintain GOOD positions.  For this cycle positions and movement will be more important than weight.  We would rather you "PR" by going from a hang power snatch to a full snatch than see you add 50 pounds to a sloppy power snatch.

Metcon (Reps)

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

Tabata Burpee x Pull Up Mash Up!

8 Rounds - :20 on/:10 off

You will be alternating between the burpees and pull ups.

Total reps is your score.

You have guaranteed rest. Don't stop moving.

Cash Out

100 Sit-ups

Out of Town WOD

15 min AMRAP

10 Burpees
10 Hand Release Push Ups
1 Min Plank core Hold

Then 100 Sit-ups


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