Facts about hydrating while exercising.

Hydration expert Sandra Fowkes Godek, Ph.D. (Courtesy of Sandra Fowkes Godek)

Sandra Fowkes Godek holds a doctorate in exercise physiology and is director of the Heat Illness Evaluation Avoidance and Treatment (HEAT) Institute at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. She specializes in thermoregulation, hydration and electrolyte replacement in football players, and she’s worked with top athletes at the NFL level.

Fowkes Godek busts five common hydration myths you’re going to hear from “experts” in the coming months.

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WOD 050917

Does your heart rule your mind or your mind rule your heart?


Push Press (1 x 5)

You are building to a HEAVY set of 5 on your push press.

You MUST establish a 2 second pause at the bottom of each dip before initiating your press on each rep.

Metcon (Time)

Aerobic Capacity WOD:

1600M RUN
-rest 4 min
1200M RUN
-rest 3 min
800M Run
-rest 2 min
400M Run

*Total time includes rest.

The rest given to you isn't there to just waste your time. If you are running the way you are supposed to be, you'll welcome the rest with open arms.

You can be a barbell monster or a ninja on the rings/ pull up bar but if you tire out after 1 round of work because your lungs feel like fire then what's the point?

The single BEST way to build a strong cardiovascular base aka an "engine" moving forward into this year and eventually into the Open is through the "boring" mono-structural pieces like running.

Treat these pieces like any other training day.  Push the pace on the runs, and really make an effort to improve.  We are not looking for killer times here, just progression and improvement.

Out of Town WOD



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