Flex on the mall


Coming up June 17th is the annual Flex on the Mall Crossfit Competition.  This is a really fun Crossfit competition that takes place right on the national mall.  If you have never been to a Crossfit competition then this is a great one to come watch.  There is no fee for spectators, and it will be running all day so you can just come to watch one event or the whole thing!  If you have been considering the idea of competing then this competition is also a great place to start.  Flex will be offering categories for all levels of athletes from novice to scaled to RX.  The competition is strictly a team event with all teams being two males and two females.  Also. Crossfit Hard will be sponsoring a team in the RX division with Coach David and myself making up half of the team.  We have been lucky to link up with two extremely talented female athletes Melanie Keer and Elizabeth Parry, both of whom are regionals caliber athletes (David and I are just hoping to keep up).  We hope to see you there and would love some support from our gym family!


Coach Robby


WOD 050817

What’s your hidden talent?


Back Squat (

You should be increasing weight each round that when you hit your last single, it's your heaviest rep for the day (this shouldn't be a 1RM attempt, just a heavy single)

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

2017 CF Games Master's Qualifier WOD #1:

100 DB Snatch
80 Cal Row
60 Burpee
40 Muscle Ups

20 minute AMRAP

Out of Town WOD



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