This past week members of CrossFit Hard officially completed their first meso-cycle of this year. As many of you know, a big part of CrossFit as a whole is testing and then of course re-testing certain workouts, lifts, and quantifiable markers of fitness. We here at CrossFit Hard believe the same. 5-7 weeks ago, many of you completed the initial "test week" attacking lifts such as your 5RM back squat or 1RM power clean. You all just retested these exact same lifts and workouts and we are proud to present the following results to you all. Pat yourself on the back because you all exceeded our expectations by miles!


5RM Back Squat - 39 Personal Bests achieved with many males in the high 200s and mid 300s and many females in the mid to high 100s with even a few cracking 200lbs!


5K Row - This was especially important to us. We truly believe in well rounded athleticism and that cannot be achieved without cardiovascular capacity. Firstly, there were so many of our members that openly admitted post 5k row "I had never rowed this far in my life, I can't believe I actually did it." An incredible show of fortitude and mental toughness. Not to mention we had PRs of up to 45 seconds!


Shoulder Press - The shoulder press is one of the harder more frustrating lifts. Over 16 individuals achieved a new personal best and many of our members were able to hit upwards of 90% of their 1RM shoulder press, time not just for a single max lift but for three total reps. This exemplifies strength and also dexterity in our members when it comes to heavy loads overhead for multiple reps, well done!


Power Clean - Over 14 PRs. Numerous male athletes joining the 200lbs club and many female athletes over 100lbs. We are excited for this movement to increase even more during our second cycle where the barbell will be very prominent.


Deadlift - This was our most impressive result. Over 65% of our athletes achieved personal bests for their 3RM deadlift. We had members hitting up to 50lbs over their test week scores!



We are thrilled with the results from this most recent re-test week. You all should be proud of yourselves. We hope this first cycle shows just how much potential each and every one of you have if you are willing to put in the work (even when it's not your favorite day or "wheelhouse"). We are looking forward to cycle II, you all should be as well!



-Coach David 


WOD 053117

What are your fitness goals for this summer?

Metcon (No Measure)

15 Min EMOM:
0-4: 3-5 Wall Walk
5-9: 5-6 "Kick Ups"
10-15: 2-4 Handstand Push Up

We're working gymnastics now y'all. Let's remember to focus on really good positions!

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)


DB Snatch (35/20)
Box Jump (24/20)

Start with 2 reps of each movment, increase each movment rep count by 2 every new round.

Out of Town WOD

For Time:
30 Handstand Pushups
40 Jump squats
50 Situps
60 Squats
70 Double unders


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