Huge thanks to Dr. Hiza Mbwana, a true mobility guru! for an amazing seminar this Saturday. We will be posting videos this week for those of you who missed it. Everyone needs to start hitting Hiza's unique drills every day to help avoid injury and best prepare you to run better.

This week's training breakdown...

Monday - Yes, you will be squatting today. And yes you will be adding another 5-10lbs from last week's 5x5. If you haven't noticed, we are building up more and more on to achieving a new 5RM squat. Stay the course.

The Metcon is a new baseline we have developed. It's nothing but body weight. Oh and before you say it, burpees hate you too.

Tuesday - Nothing flashy about this. Push/Pull strength. General work capacity.

Wednesday - General work capacity and skill work. How "good" are you at your favorite movement when you're tired? Don't have doubles yet, start learning. Yes it is frustrating learning a new skill. No we aren't going to let you off easy.

Thursday - We've been harping on this more and more and to our elation, we are seeing members catching the wave. R E C O V E R Y isn't just a useless 8-letter word. It is what separates good from great. Learn to enjoy recovering, your body will thank for you for it.

If you weren't around for a few days and want some extra work then by all means go for the optional metcon.

However if you were, repeat after me "I do not have to feel completely obliterated every time I walk through the door."

Friday - More deadlifts y'all. Same eccentric style, try to beat your old score from two Friday's ago. Overhead squats are on tap. Perfection is what we require. Oh and........SURPRISE PARTNER WOD. "Wait, but we only do partner WODs on Saturday." You would be surprised at the type of sheer work you can achieve in a partner WOD. If you doubt our philosophy, let us know how you feel after this piece.

David A. Segun
CF-L1/Strength & Conditioning
CrossFit Hard

WOD 050117

Question of the day:

Why are you here today?

Welcome to our new members joining us for the first workout of the challenge.

Today we are testing your baseline fitness with our Burpee Baseline workout - 3 rounds of 3-minutes work and 2 mins rest. We will be repeating this again on the final day to see how your fitness has improved.

Get your blood pumping and reach a new level of fitness.

Remember the only thing you have to be is better than yesterday!


Back Squat (5 x 5)

5-10lbs heavier than last week. No failed reps!

Metcon (Reps)

Burpee Baseline (AMRAP - Reps)

10 Burpee
5 Push Up


10 Burpee
5 Pull Up


10 Burpee
5 Air Squat


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