This past week, we embarked on our new macro cycle for the year. Many, if not all of our members set new personal bests and most importantly discovered they were more capable and fit than ever before. The sole endeavor of our "test week" was exactly as it sounds: to test. For the next coming weeks we will be resuming some normalcy, where there will be a strength or gymnastic portion or whichever we see fit followed by metabolic conditioning. So fear not, we will not be testing every week for the next few months, all we did was set baselines for this cycle which will allow us to set percentiles of certain movements we will see this cycle.

The next 2-3 weeks will be basically priming your bodies and giving you an opportunity to unwind post-open. After then we will then dive into the meat of the cycle, hitting our major foundational lifts and going through day to day training, getting you stronger, and building a solid base prepping you for test week, which we are confident you will absolutely demolish.

Think of this macrocycle as a pyramid. The largest part of the pyramid, the foundation is exactly what we are embarking on. Setting a strong base for the rest of the year where we will climb up the pyramid and get more specific towards the top aka the Crossfit Open season.

Here's to a healthy training year,

Coach David


WOD 041017

The mountains, beach or desert — which is your favorite?⠀


Bulgarian Split Squat (Cycle I) 

Emphasize driving through heel on active leg. Drive hips toward ground as opposed to forward knee jutting over front foot.

16 total reps (8 reps/leg)

Chinese Dumbbell Row 

Place the feet in a wide stance, bend forward at the hips and knees and post one elbow on that side's knee. With the free hand, row a dumbbell back and up as high as possible. Keep the palm facing back and guide the elbow out to the side more than to the back. Using some body English to get the DB moving and to lock out at the top is acceptable, as this exercise is meant to be done with heavy weights.

20 total reps (10 reps/arm)


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds FT:
-400m Run
-20 KB Swing
-10 Pull Up

RX+ (70/53)
RX    (53/35)

Out of Town WOD

30 Min run with each minute on the minute 10 walking lunges


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