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17.4 is a grueling chipper of 55 reps of four movements that will push and pull you to your breaking point. Here’s everything you need to know about the CrossFit Open workout 17.4 including the standards, tips, strategies, suggestions, and more!


CrossFit Open Workout 17.4


13min AMRAP

– 55 Deadlifts (225lbs for men, 155lbs for women)

– 55 Wall Ball Shots (20lbs to a 10ft target for men, 14lbs to a 9ft target for women)

– 55 Calories on a Concept 2 Rower

– 55 Handstand Push-Ups

Avoid extended breaks

There’s a lot of work to be done here, and many people will find themselves resting on the handstand push-ups (if they get there) as it’s the most challenging movement of the bunch. So don’t go blazing saddles straight out of the gate only to find yourself burning 30 seconds each time you drop the wall ball later on in the workout. Go in with a strategy of how you’re going to break up the deadlifts and wall balls that will allow you to move the quickest and rest the least, but adjust as needed as the workout progresses.

Keep a tight midline on the deadlifts!

The weight for the deadlifts is moderate (to heavy), but 55 reps is a lot, so if you’re not careful your back is going to be smoked and the rest of the movements in the workout will be that much tougher. Make sure you squeeze your shoulder blades together and keep your abdomen tight, squeezing your glutes with each rep as you use your hips as a hinge to move the bar up and down.

No missed reps on the wall balls

Wall balls can be a bitch if you have to do more than you should because you don’t hit the target, you don’t break parallel, or both. Make sure each rep is good to avoid unnecessary work! In addition, once you release the ball into the air, bring your hands back to your chest in preparation for receiving the ball. This will save you some energy versus keeping your arms extended, and allow you some time to inhale some much needed O2.

Be efficient on the rower

Maintain a steady pace and don’t waste energy through poor technique and weak pulls. A general guideline is to drive the legs first, then pull with the arms as your bring the handle to your chest. On the return, extend your arms first, then bend the knees in. Try to fall into a rhythmic pattern that allows you to catch your breath somewhat, and try to keep the chain moving in a straight line.

Be ready for the handstand push-ups

Well before the start of the workout, do a couple of trial handstand push-ups to make sure you know where to put your hands so each rep feels good. Point your toes town to help raise your heel above the line! Utilize a big kip straight from rep 1, and grind away as best you can.


If you're an elite athlete or average Joe, this probably won't be a big deal. Just keep moving and break up the reps in all the sets in submax loads. Keep moving. Keep resting. Keep moving. 


Recovery from this workout will be a daunting task. 55 heavy deadlifts is not something that you recover from very lightly.

Your CNS will likely be taxed so take the next few days to cool out, sleep and rest. Eat a huge meal after, get those carbs in and take it easy.

If you're trying to do the workout twice, give yourself a few days to be fresh. A Friday/Monday split should be okay, but anything less than that and you will probably not be recovered enough.


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