Happy Monday to you!

My apologies for the absence of our blog over the last few weeks, we had switched to a new system and had some technical difficulties. I'm happy to say we are back and will be keeping you posted.

I had the pleasure of playing in our first Turkey Bowl on Saturday, what a match!!! Great job to all the CF Hard athletes big and small. You ran and played your hearts out!

Thanks to our cheer leading fans, what a great way to start off this holiday season!

Stay posted for the upcoming games. Don't be the last one to sign up....

Check out the action below

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Thanksgiving Week Class Times
-Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, - Normal
-Thursday - Turkey Chase at 9am at the YMCA Bethesda, 10am Class ONLY at the gym
-Friday - Normal
-Saturday - 9 & 10am ONLY

Be well and stay healthy during this fun week,

Coach Graham


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