Keep your eyes open for changes around the box!

Most of you who have come to the gym in the past week or so may have already noticed some of these changes:


The gym leaderboards have moved! They are now under the basketball hoop where they are more visible (and some names won't accidently be erased).


In the space where the leaderboards were, there will be a notification/event board and member picture board! The event board will list any gym news or any upcoming local events. The picture board will feature all the photos that have been taken of active members over the years!


We have added an extra wall ball rack that includes "No Leak" wall balls. No more sand in your eyes! WOO!


You may have noticed this new piece of equipment, and I know a number of members had the chance of trying it out! This is a "Ski Ergometer" or "SkiErg," this machine mimics the movement pattern of cross country skiing. Hopefully we will see a few more arrive at the gym in the future!


If you guys see member Alex Li, please thank him for his gift to the gym! He spent the little spare time he has had over the past few months working on putting these together for us! Jerk blocks are used in the same way as we use the J-hooks on the rig, except when you lift overhead, you can drop the weights on the blocks. This relieves you from having to lower the barbell to your shoulders or drop it to the floor and clean the weight up.


If anyone was not aware, Coach David announced that he has brought back the "stache." Feel free to take a look at that if you see him around the gym.


I've saved the BEST for last! We have Spikeball at the gym now! You may have seen some members playing this 4 person (teams of 2) game after classes. This game mimics the rules of volleyball, except the goal is to "spike" the "ball" at the net! Grab a partner a play a game before or after your class! ...If anyone needs a partner, let me know...

Be on the lookout for future changes and additions!

-Coach Greg


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