Here's an email I received from Neva this week after she smashed her mile time!


Just wanted to shoot over a quick note to let you know about a huge victory this week. I've always hated running. In high school I would skip gym class if I knew we were doing the mile. Last year when we did a timed mile at CFH, I ran it in 11:40 which was a huge accomplishment for me (considering I had never had a time under 15min before). 


Having worked out both on my own and now again at CFH since that last mile, I had another victory again when we did the timed mile this week. I promised myself I was going to go all out and not let up on pace, and got 8:32! This is huge and really a testament to how much the community at your box pushes me to do my best all the time.


So a big thank you for that!


Huge congratulations to Neva, this is testament her hard work at the gym. Check out her pictures from a year ago before she started at CrossFit Hard and above how amazing she looks now!


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