The CrossFit Open – what is it and should you enter?

As CrossFit has evolved over the past 10 years, it has consolidated itself around the world as a seriously effective training program. It is fun, challenging, confronting and it binds us together as a community of people who are serious about being the best we can be.

That in itself is pretty cool…

Most CF Hard members have only only had exposure to CrossFit the “training program” that you participate in to become fitter and healthier. But over the years, CrossFit has developed into more than just a training program – it has also become a legitimate sport.

Back in 2007, the founder of CrossFit decided that it would be cool to have an actual competition for CrossFitters to be able to express their fitness and see how they all compare. The CrossFit Games where born.

But what has this got to do with me?

Well since 2011 CrossFit have held a 5 week qualification process called the CrossFit Open. Each week they announce a workout and everyone who is registered completes that workout at their local box and submits their score to CrossFit HQ.

The top athletes from each of the 17 regions qualify for the second stage of the competition—regionals. The regionals are live, three-day competitions that are held in May. The top athletes from two or three regions combine, and compete for the five qualifying spots for the CrossFit Games .

The season culminates in the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games. At this point in the season, the field has been whittled down from hundreds of thousands of athletes in the Open to the world's fittest 40 men, 40 women, 40 teams, 80 teenagers, and 220 masters. The CrossFit Games rank the world's fittest, and determine who is the Fittest on Earth. 


But I’m not good enough to make the CrossFit Games…

Correct, but out of the 324, 307 people who participated last year only 0.25% actually made it the the actual Games. The beauty of the Open is that the other 99.75% of people who CrossFit can take part in this global competition right from the comfort of their own box. About 98% of those people will have no aspirations to progress any further than the Open but they are purely participating to test their own fitness and be a part of something pretty fun

So why should I enter?

First and foremost it is a great community event that brings a real buzz to the box. We spend day after day training hard to improve our fitness and for many people the Open is the only chance to put this fitness to the test. The Open is all about exploring the limits of what you can and cannot do – in a safe and fun environment.

Growing up most of us participated in some form of sport or competition in our lives at some stage. But when we get older, the competition part of our lives slowly gets replaced with mortgages, school pick-ups and careers. Many of us have forgotten the thrill of physical competition. This may not be a win-at-all-costs scenario but there is something about putting yourself on the line that is inspiring.

Especially when you are sharing it with your friends.

The other reasons why you should enter the Open is that is a bunch of fun. We will be running the workouts during all our regular classes on the Friday's after the workouts get announced in heats and each person will have their own judge. This creates an amazing atmosphere to really feel the support of the CF Hard community and see what you can actually do with all this fitness. During Friday evening classes your coaches will be hitting the WOD's as well.

I remember when I first competed in my first Open, it was only a few months after I started CrossFit. I was as weak as a kitten and as nervous as hell. But even though I seriously sucked at the majority of the workouts it was a heap of fun and really got me motivated to work on my weaknesses.

Why should I NOT enter?

This is a funny one. Many affiliates encourage every one of their members to be a part of the Open. I don’t fall into this category as I think that are some legitimate safety reasons why you should pass this year.

Firstly, if you are new to CrossFit (under 3 months) and haven’t had a chance to develop consistency with your skills then it is best to sit it out until next year. You can definitely still do the workouts during your Friday class, just with a little less intensity. We always want to stick with the concept of technique-consistency-intensity to keep you safe and injury free. If there are basic skills you cannot execute consistently, then the intensity of a competition is not really where you want to test it out for the first time.

The other main reason why you should avoid the CrossFit Open is if you have a long-term postural issue or injury that causes you to regularly modify your CF Hard WOD’s or doesn’t allow you to move through full range of movement.  Common sense should really prevail with this and it is serves as a reminder to keep working on your weaknesses.

Do I need to RX the WOD’s to enter?

Since last year there is a scaled division which allows many people to compete without having to go RX. If your goal is not to get to the Games but instead to enjoy being a part of the competition then it doesn’t really matter. If a workout comes up and you cannot safely complete the prescribed weight or scaled weight, we will scale it further for you but it just means you wont be able to submit your score for the workout.

Big deal!

The great thing about the Open is that you will more than likely be able to achieve more than you think you can – whatever that may be for you.

What now?

Well based on what you have just read, it’s time to make a call. Would you like to join us (at time of writing we have 10 people already registered) for this years CrossFit Open at CF Hard or would you prefer to sit it out? If you cant make the Friday classes (starting from February 24th) then we will be running make-up sessions for you to still be able to get it done on Saturday or Monday.

If you are ready to go, just click onto here and register. If this is something that you would never normally do then now is your time 

Hope to see you there,

Coach Graham

P.S: As we mentioned last Tuesday CrossFit Hard is proud to present its first annual “Open Prep” series hosted by Coaches David Segun and Robert Pedersen. This three-part series will be focusing on the three major disciplines of Crossfit: Gymnastics, Weightlifting, and Cardiovascular Capacity. Each discipline will be broken down into key movements and standards that athletes struggle with or are not as well versed and are sure to come across during The Open. Participants will be taken through various drills, exercises and progressions over a span of two hours, focusing on the most basic to advanced patterns of each movement. Those participating will have a hands-on, in depth opportunity to learn new movements and refine those already possessed along with efficiency tips to make not only Open but any future WODs as seamless as possible.

 The first seminar of the series: Gymnastics, will be held at 12pm on February 4, followed by Weightlifting (February 11), and finishing with Cardiovascular Capacity (February 18). The cost for CrossFit Hard members is $15/seminar and $20 for non-members. Seminars will be limited to 20 participants. This series is applicable to any and all athletes. Now is your chance to go over all of the nuances about the movements you have been learning, but might not have had enough practice due to the 1-hour time constraints. Pre-registration is required for each seminar, those who wish to participate will have until 24 hours to sign up before the window closes. Looking forward to seeing you there! 

WOD 012417

If you where a police officer for one day what would you do with the authority?

Shoulder Prep movements

5 Slow Push-ups, keep scaps squeezed back, hands in tight
5 Push-ups, keep scaps squeezed back, hands WIDE
5 Diamond Push-ups

Wide Chin-up grip (shoulder retractions)
2-3 Strict wide grip chins
2-3 strict shoulder width chins
2-3 strict hands touch chins
2-3 strict Wide grip pull-ups
2-3 strict normal pull-ups
2-3 strict hands touch pull-up

Jerk Footwork Drills

Two sets of:
Jerk Footwork Drills x 10 perfect reps

Push Jerk

Every minute, on the minute, for 8 minutes:
Push Jerk x 1 rep

Loads per set (by %): 55, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95,

Then rest two minutes before starting…

Metcon (Time)

"The Castro"

For Time:


Should to Overhead
Toes to Bar

Rx+: (135/95) / add rounds "21","18"

Rx: (95/65)

Scale:(75/55) & Knee Raises

Cash Out

Tabata Rowing or Airdyne

Out of Town WOD



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