If you don’t yet know about the Holstee Manifesto, I would strongly encourage you to check it out here. These are truly words to live by. It acknowledges that we are 100% responsible for the lives we lead, and often our perceptions are the only things keeping us from ultimate happiness.

I wish I could report that I live every day of my life in keeping with these words and concepts, but I need reminders. If these words resonate with you, I would encourage you to get a copy or two to place around your office and/or home as gentle reminders that we can be as happy as we want to be if we have the courage and discipline to do so.

Live your dream and share your passion!!!

Coach Graham


WOD 071516

Which bad habits of other people drive you crazy?


General Warm Up
3 rounds of:
Star Jumps x 20
High Knees x 20
Butt Kickers x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20
Lunges x 20

Arm Circles x10/10
Across The Body Arm Swings x 20
Shoulder Rolls x 10/10
Torso Rotations x 10/10
Hip Circles x 10/10
Leg Swings x 10/10
Good Mornings x 10
Push Ups x 10
Air Squats x 10

Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Every 6 minutes, for 30 minutes (5 sets):
Run 200 Meters
10 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
100 Meter Sprint
10 Ball Slams

Out of Town WOD

4 Rounds for Time
21 Burpees
400m run


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