The first CrossFit named workout. It was after Greg Glassman did 21-15-9 reps of thrusters and pull ups (and threw up on himself) that he knew he was on to something.

Go all out for as long as you can. Get the work done before your brain has a chance to catch on and try and tell your body that you can’t.

This WOD tests your mental fortitude and makes you dig deep, especially during the set of fifteen. That is the make or break round. Setting up cognitive cues during the workout is crucial. 


  • Fight the voice telling you to set the bar down. Tell yourself, "I'll set it down after this rep." Fight for one more rep.
  • Yes, we know this workout is for time. Yes, you should move fast and have intensity. But once fatigue sets in and you start to put the bar down more frequently, it’s time to reevaluate how you’re going to finish this workout without dying.
  • When every second counts, your rest breaks become liabilities. Instead of resting without measure, count three seconds and then approach the bar again. Pick an attainable number for rest breaks and then decrease it.
  • Once you start to struggle and perform reps with terrible mechanics it is time to stop again and recover. Sloppy mechanics hurt not only you, but they also establish muscle memory based on that poor movement, and this can lead to injury.

If exaggerated or involuntary trunk flexion occurs, it means your midsection is no longer erect or straight during the movement. When your core and mid-line are not properly aligned, your breathing quickens. Your poor posture compresses the diaphragm, causing a lack of blood flow to the extremities. All this makes it extremely difficult to move effectively under stress. Not to mention, you’re also now in a poor rack position, which will cause you to expend more energy controlling the weight with your upper extremities and take away energy that could be used for the push press. So stay tight, brace yourself by breathing in at the top of the press and hold your breath all the way until you are almost back to full lockout of the next truster.

This workout is meant to have you pushing the intensity and being anaerobic for 3-6 mins. If you haven't done Fran before I recommend you hit it with an empty barbell and ring rows.  It is much better to scale to a weight you can finish this workout in under 6 minutes than struggle with RX and take 10 minutes plus. Intensity is the goal. Aim for about 50% of your max thruster weight as a rule.


Push hard and conquer my friends,

Coach Graham

WOD 062716

What's your summer fitness goal?

Warm-up 7

3 sets:
10 OH Squats
Triple/Double Under Practice
Kipping Toe to Bar Progression


Empty Bar:
10 Deadlifts
10 Back Squats
10 Power Cleans
10 Thrusters

Fran (Time)

Thrusters, 95# / 65#  

Out of Town WOD

Cut Season Cash Out

150 Double Unders

Out of Town WOD

5 Rounds
15 Air Squats
20 Pushups
50 Double Unders
2 min rest


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