The fittest athletes on earth take on the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games. Follow the journeys of the champs, Ben Smith and Katrin Davidsdottir, along with top contenders Mat Fraser, Sara Sigmundsdóttir, Dan Bailey and more. Get it on iTunes Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016.

Its just under two weeks now to the start of this years open.

Sign up here if you haven't already and get ready to prove your fitness!!!

We are open for our full schedule next Monday, Presidents Day.

See you all in class.

Coach Graham


What was the best thing that happened to you this past week?

Warm-up 5

2 Min of Single/Double Under
Agility Ladder - Burpee Challenge
Two Rounds:
20M Walking Lunge with Twist
10 Leg Swings (Front/Back & Side/Side)
3 Inch Worm Progressions
16 Mountain Climbers (8/side)

Hamstring Stretch Band - Lay on back, band around the foot, leg straight
Thoracic Stretch over PVC
LAX Shoulder

Push Press

Push Press
3 Sets × 5 reps

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

AMRAP 8 minutes – Climb the ladder
1 Burpee
1 Hang power snatch 75/55lbs
2 Burpee
2 Hang power snatch 75/55lbs
3 Burpee
3 Hang power snatch 75/55lbs
And so on…

Out of Town WOD

10×200 meters running/250 meters rowing, rest 1:00


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