Are you one of those athletes that have noticed that you always do better in workouts that are “Task Orientated” rather than “Time Specific?” 

(Go ahead, take a second to think about it and I’ll explain) 

“Task Orientated” workouts ask a pre-prescribed amount of work out of you. Meaning that once you’ve completed what is asked, you’re done. No starting back front the top, no adding weight, no round two. 

Most athletes excel at this style of workout because they can see a clear beginning and end. 

We know these style of workouts as “FOR TIME.” 

Here’s a few examples: 

  • 100 Burpees 
  • 3k row 
  • “Isabel” 


For Time 

  • Thrusters 
  • Bar facing Burpees 

“Time Specific” workouts challenge the athlete to perform an exercise or a series of movements for a pre-prescribed amount of time. Meaning that you’re to perform a single movement, couplet, triplet, series of exercises, or rounds until the clock saves you. 

Most athlete’s are challenged by this style of programming because although there may be a clearly defined start to the workout, there is not a clearly defined end, regarding the work they are expected to do. 

We know this style of workouts as “AMRAPS.” 

Here’s a few examples: 

  • 6 minutes of Burpees 
  • 12 minute row for meters 
  • 3 minutes of power snatches 


10 Minute AMRAP of… 

  • Thrusters 
  • Bar facing Burpees 

So how do you become the athlete that excels at both, well it comes down to two things.

1. Mindset – Attack each workout as if it is a task priority, so that you’ll avoid coasting or performing to the lowest common denominator. 

(Which leads me into point #2) 

2. Strategy – Now that we’ve addressed your mindset, you’ll need to use your intuition to come full circle. If the workout is an 10 Minute “AMRAP,” instead make it 5 x 2 Minute “FOR TIME” periods with a pre-prescribed amount of work (that you or your coach selects) to play to your strengths. 

Oh and if you don’t know what kind of athlete you are, or you simply want to test this theory in action…


Here’s your homework.

Complete a 15 Minute AMRAP of: 

  • Thrusters (95/65)
  • Bar facing Burpees 

Then rest 15 minutes.

Then, Perform the following as fast as possible (with a 15 minute time cap): 

  • Thrusters (95/65)
  • Bar facing Burpees 

Compare the two workouts, which one did you do better in? 

Get back to me with your results 

Coach Graham


WOD 12216

Where were you during a life changing moment?

Body Weight Challenge Day 36 - 72 Burpees!!!

Please make note of the schedule for these next couple of weeks and plan workouts accordingly.

As always, please register in advance for all classes you plan on attending.


Monday, December 19th - Friday, December 23rd - NORMAL FULL SCHEDULE

Saturday, December 24th only 9AM Class today - 12 Days of Christmas WOD all other classes cancelled

Sunday, December 25th & Monday, December 26th CLOSED - NO CLASSES


Tuesday, December 27th - Friday, December 30th - NORMAL FULL SCHEDULE

Saturday, December 31st only 9am and 10am Classes today

Sunday, January 1st CLOSED - NO CLASSES


Warm Up 2

Warm Up
4 X 50M Run
20M Bear Crawl
20M Side Shuffle
20M Bear Crawl
20M Side Shuffle
20M Bear Crawl
20M Side Shuffle

Wrist Rolls
Ankle Rolls
LAX Forearm
Quad Foam Roll
Butterfly Stretch - 3 on 1 off


Take 15 minutes to build to a heavy-ish 2-RM Power Clean

The Chief (AMRAP - Rounds)

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power Cleans, 135#
6 Push-ups
9 Squats
Rest 1-minute.
Repeat for a total of 5 cycles

Cash Out

72 Burpees

Out of Town WOD

10 rounds:
250m Row/Run
10 KB Swings, 53/35 (if no kettlebell/dumbbell, do air squats)
1 minute rest


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