Partner WOD

Have you finished all your/the kids halloween candy?

General Warm up

Round 1
Row 200m
Goodmorning x 10
Ring Row x 10
Pushup + Pushup Plus + T-Spine Rotation x 10 (5 per side)
Superman x 10
Situp x 10

Round 2
Jump Rope 1min
Perfect stretch x 5 each leg (groiner + sun salute)
Wall Climbs x 10
Dead hang pullup x 5-10
Knees to elbows x 10

Round 3 (with KB)
While holding KB bottom facing up
5 press each side
5 OH lunges each side
5 Windmills each side
This is hard, use a light KB.

Metcon (Time)

In teams of two, with one partner working at a time to complete:

“Move Mountains”
For time:
Run 1 Mile
26 Burpee Box Jumps (24″/20″)
26 Pull-Ups
26 Thrusters (95/65 lbs)
Row 1 Mile

*Run/Row: relay style - Alternate every 200m)
1 mile= approx. 1600 M

**Only One person working at a time

***Movements: Alternate every 2 reps

Cash Out

50 Push Ups
50 Situps
50 Squats

Out of Town WOD

15 min AMRAP

10 Burpees
5 Pull-ups
5 Broad Jumps


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