Thanksgiving WOD

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We are so thankful for our amazing members!! We love you and hope you have a great thanksgiving. Wishing you and your family all the best!

Nearly 391 years ago, the first Thanksgiving feast was documented in the U.S.: it was celebrated by pilgrims in modern-day Massachusetts after a plentiful harvest. Today, the holiday has retained its integrity: it’s a day of appreciation involving gluttony and ruthless consumerism.

Wait. What? How Thanksgiving has changed. But as CrossFitters, we have something more for which to be thankful: the WOD. This allows us to partake in the food orgy as we’ve preemptively burned the calories. Right? Of course.

Come join us today at 9am to enjoy the Gobbler!!! All members, family and friends are welcome!

What are you thankful for?

Day 8 of our Body Weight Challenge - 16 Burpee's today!!!

Every year on Thanksgiving we do one WOD as a community. We hope to always maintain this tradition.
This year we will be serving up a partner workout that will be very demanding.

Please note we are only running a 9am class today - all other classes are cancelled.

Spend the rest of the day with family and friends celebrating!!!

Warm Up 2

Warm Up
4 X 50M Run
20M Bear Crawl
20M Side Shuffle
20M Bear Crawl
20M Side Shuffle
20M Bear Crawl
20M Side Shuffle
Two Rounds:
Air Squat - 10 Reps
PVC Pass Through - 10 Reps
OHS Squat - 10 Reps
Mtn. Climbers - 10 Reps

Wrist Rolls
Ankle Rolls
LAX Forearm
Quad Foam Roll
Butterfly Stretch - 3 on 1 off

Metcon (Time)

for time, with a partner:
Run 200m (together)
100 Double-Unders/300 singles
Run 200m
100 Sit-ups
Run 200m
100 Pull-ups
Run 200m
100 Wall-Balls 20/14
Run 200m
100 Burpees
Run 200m
100 KB Swings 55/35
Run 200m
100 second plank hold
Run 200m
100 K2E

Cash Out

16 Burpee's then:

Bring Sally Up!!!




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