Please join us today for our Costume Halloween Zombie Workout - Prizes for best outfit

What's the scariest horror movie ever?

Metcon (Time)

Zombie Workout
Humans vs. Zombies

If you are alive you will start the workout with the first group.  If you are a Zombie you will start the WOD exactly 3 minutes after the living people and try to catch them!

Run 800m

40 Lunges
40 KB Swings
40 Push Press (Barbell or DB)
20 Toe-to-bars
1 Rope Climbs

Run 400m

*If you are a Zombie you must catch at least one person.  If you fail to catch somebody you must do a penalty of 25 burpees after the workout.

**If you are alive and you get caught by any Zombies then you must also do the 25 burpees.

The only people who don’t do burpees are the living who don’t get caught and the Zombies who catch people.

Cash Out

50 push ups

Out of Town WOD

100 burpee's for time


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