World-Class Fitness in 100 Words
To start off 2016 right, we are going to break down Coach Greg Glassman’s (CEO and Founder of CrossFit) World-Class Fitness in 100 Words.

Each week we’ll take a section of his message and focus on that. Each week we will build on what we learned the week before. By the end of the 8 weeks you should have everything you need to be the athlete you want to be.

Week One:
Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.

There is a lot in this nutrition portion. And notice that it is the first part of all of this. You can’t out-workout a bad diet. When you workout, you break down that muscle tissue, your body needs good quality nutrients to use as the building blocks to rebuild that muscle tissue stronger than it was before.

We are going to look at and concentrate on WHAT we eat for this first week. Don’t worry about how much you are eating (we’ll look at that next week.)

Keep a food journal for 7 whole days. The first 2 days, just eat regularly and make sure to keep track on your journal of what you are eating. The next few days be more aware of what you are eating.

Don’t approach food and fat/weight loss with the mindset of “dieting.” Dieting has the connotation of restricting food. And what happens when we are told we can’t have something? We want it even more. It’s a set up for failure.

Avoid sugar, flour, starch and processed foods. Your food should have an expiration date. Food is not meant to live on a shelf forever.If it walked the earth, swam in the ocean, or grew from the earth – eat it.

Day 1-2: Food Journal, eat regularly, just track what you are eating and when. No judgement. Just knowledge of where you are at.

Day 3-4: Food Journal, be aware of what you are eating. Make better choices. Substitute one or 2 of your regular things for a better choice. Spaghetti squash instead of noodles. Bacon and eggs instead of cereal and toast. Carbonated water instead of soda. Just make 1-2 healthier choices per day to start. No alcohol.

Day 5-6: Food Journal, be aware of what you are eating. Make breakfast and lunch choices that follow the guidelines. Be aware of your snacking habits and choices.

Day 7: Food Journal, be aware of what you are eating. Make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks choices that follow the guidelines. It’s just one day. Make sure to pre-plan your food for the entire day.


How old is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet?

Handstand Push-ups

Every 2 minutes, for 8 minutes (4 sets) of:
Handstand Push-ups x 5 reps



Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

Against a 5 minute running clock, complete:
400 Meter Row
40 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)
Pull-Ups x Max reps

Rest 5 minutes between sets, and complete a total of two sets.


Out of Town WOD

3 Rounds For Time:
Run 800m
50 Air Squats


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