It’s time to check in on our past goals, or for some of us establish a goal.  What’s your current personal/health/career goals?  Post your health or fitness goal as a comment on today’s blog. I’d also like to see us all write at least one goal on the new goal board at the gym.  If you haven’t done so already, do your best to come up with one goal within the next week or so.  Make your goal measurable, and with a deadline no later than the end of March.

Begin setting your goal by identifying a few things you are not good at. Then try to decide which one of those weaknesses, when improved on, will have the greatest impact on increasing your overall fitness.  For example, lets say “John” has a 500# back squat and a 2:30 400m run. Since he’s great at back squats and he loves doing them he sets a goal of a 1-rep max 575# back squat by March 31st.  Although increasing his squat to 575# would be very impressive and challenging, the improvement will have little effect on his overall fitness because he is already well above average on his squat.  A 400m run time of 2:30 shows that his running could definitely use some work, and in doing so would help improve other aspects of his fitness, even if it means his back squat stays the same, or even goes down 5 or 10 pounds. Same goes for “Jane” who has a 1:30:00 half-marathon time, but can’t back squat her body weight yet. Increasing the strength in her legs would help to improve her Fran time, wallballs, squat cleans, hiking, etc.

How do you “goal set”? Need ideas? then click here.
Create your ideal life with goal setting – Goal setting worksheet

As a coach we always want to do what’s best for you as an athlete today and work to build better longterm fitness for tomorrow. Foremost we want to keep you safe and moving well. After these fundamentals, building a plan for your stimulus is the next step. This stimulus is the work you do everyday that helps you improve for tomorrow, sometimes that is rest and recovery, sometimes it’s adding an extra 5# to a lift, and other times its holding you back when you feel good early in a workout so you can finish strong and really push all the way through a 30 minute grueling chipper. A way to think of the stimulus is like a dose of a drug or prescription, we are after the right amount to get a favorable response from each athlete.The way we do this, is scaling a workout for each person, so in a given workout you can have a group of people doing handstand push ups, shoulder presses, knee push ups or something on a bench to refine range of motion. Each of these different movements could be programmed based on an athlete’s goals and where they currently are on their skill level or fitness. So after you have set your goals and tested for a start point, meet with your coach and figure out the stimulus needed and then build a plan to get there.

Looking now at the steps between your long term goal and current ability these are not set in stone and may need to be adjusted with time. The purpose is simply to break down the goal into more manageable blocks and work toward progress with milestones to celebrate along the way. Sometimes they will need to be adjusted, but the hope is we can continue forward progress even with set backs from vacation or unforeseen injury etc.

Like almost everything in life, progress in the gym is incremental, small changes over time add up to big gains and improvement. In CrossFit we work with complex movements that take experts years to master.  Don’t expect to have huge improvements overnight. This concept ties in to tracking progress toward your goals. But long term consistency trumps short term intensity, keep this in mind!


What are your goals for 2016?

Please note our schedule this week:

Monday, December 28th - Wednesday, December 30th - NORMAL SCHEDULE 6AM, 10AM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM

Thursday, December 31st only 6am and 10am Classes today

Friday, January 1st CLOSED - NO CLASSES

Saturday, January 2nd NORMAL SCHEDULE 9AM & 10AM

Todays WOD


3 Rounds
10 Air Squats
10 Burpee Long Jumps
10 Wall Balls (12,10)
10 Sit Ups
10 Good Mornings

Metcon (Weight)

Four sets of:
Dumbbell Walking Lunges x 20 steps
Rest 45 seconds

Plank Hold x 45 seconds
Rest 45 seconds

Metcon (Time)

Complete 5 rounds for time of:
20 Kettlebell Swings
15 Wall Ball Shots

Out of Town WOD

12 min AMRAP
20 Jumping Lunges / standard lunges
15 Tricep Dips (using chair, bed, etc)
10 Air squats
5 Burpees


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