Weakness, a word many dread hearing and most especially avoid displaying. In life, there are many platforms for strengths and weaknesses to be displayed. It’s an inherent characteristic of all humans: show what you are “good” at and instinctively shy away from you are not. In the sport of CrossFit, a purely performance driven endeavor, weaknesses can and will be exposed.

Whether you are a weightlifting prodigy, gymnastic guru or have running abilities getting you confused with Hicham El Guerrouj (One Mile World Record Holder – 3:43.13), it’s a fact that there is going to be something you are not good at. With one of the core principles that CrossFit holds being constantly varied, each and every one of you reading this article has experienced the following: 

-Scenario 1: Excitement and enthusiasm; you know these movements and not only that you can perform them with relative ease and proficiency
-Scenario 2: Terror and trepidation; these movements are not your friends, you’ve attempted them before, failed and have given up hoping to never come across them again until that all too fated day.

You have no idea what the WOD will be, whatever the case may be, you will have to take it as is and deal with it as best you can.

If you find yourself in scenario 2 more times that you would like to admit, then there’s quite a simple solution, find what gives you trouble and attack it. It may take months, maybe even years but to be the best version of yourself, not just in CrossFit but in life it is paramount you take those weaknesses and grind them into strengths.

Nobody is claiming it will be easy, but it is a sure fact that it will be worth it.

Work those weaknesses.

Till next time,

Coach David


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