Here is what is Happening at CrossFit HARD! - Test Time!


NOVEMBER 5, 2015
By Victor Policarpio

Hey Athletes!!  Coach Vic, here with all you need to know about our newest, upcoming mesocycle! I am so excited about the upcoming months of programming and shifting some of what we are focusing on at CrossFit Hard. We are going to be testing yourstrength, stamina, coordination and accuracy. Over the next 8 weeks, we will be performing lots of cleans/power cleans, front squats, pressing/overhead work, and interval work.  Of course, it will all be mixed in with our general programming.  But, look for heavier weightlifting days with short, sprint, anaerobic WODs, WODs with work/rest intervals to allow recovery time in order for you to push your thresholds, and one longer WOD a week to focus on your aerobic capacity.  Get ready for lots of GYM RECORDS and Personal Records on the whiteboard!
At the beginning of the summer, I put together a list of benchmark workouts (or lifts) that we thought were good measuring sticks for us to see how the community is progressing and for you to be able to check in with. With this list, knowing that our program is designed to build a community of well-rounded athletes and we want to know that we’re helping you advance in all areas of fitness, while also allowing you to celebrate victories and progress. By having this list of “workouts” and performing one every other week, we are able to have you perform each one about every 6 – 7 months, which should be plenty of time for you to build advanced adaptations in whatever metric that workout is testing.
This month we will be testing our:

1. 1 Rep Max Snatch
2. Isabel time
3. 1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk
4. Grace time

REMEMBER: Max Effort work is slow strength. On Max Effort day we will work high intensity but low volume. The goal is to carry out at least three sets of one repetition, using 90% or over of our 1RM for that day. You will need to rest 3-5 minutes between your heaviest sets. On 1 REP MAX days, you will need even more rest between attempts!  Good Luck, and let’s see some new Personal Records!
Don’t forget, every Saturday is our TEAM or Partner WOD!

Stay healthy, get Strong,

- Coach Vic


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