Murph strategy guide

Are you doing Memorial Day Murph this Saturday?

If so, PLEASE watch this video first:

It will help you to get a better score, prevent injury, and keep you safe as you honor a fallen hero.

Stay healthy my friends,

Coach Graham


Cycle 2 Day 10

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The question of the day:

What’s a nickname people actually call you?

We will be running Murph this Saturday.

Please note on Memorial day itself the gym will be closed for all classes.

We will be having a combined potluck BBQ and Memorial Day Murph event.

This Event is for EVERYONE, Members and NON members. So bring your friends and family.

Heats at 9am, 10am and 11am


Shoulder Press (3 Sets of 3 reps)

Every 1:30 for 3 rounds, complete:

3 Tempo Strict Press

3 sec Ascent - 3 sec Pause@Top - 3 sec Decent


Continuing every 1:30 for 3 rounds, complete:

3 Push Press

Work up in weight accross both strict press and push press.

Total of 6 rounds.

Push Press (3 sets of 3 reps.)

Record your strict press here.

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

2 Rounds

1:30 Kettlebell Swings
:30 Rest
1:30 Bike for calories
:30 Rest
1:30 Renegade Rows
:30 Rest
1:30 Slam Balls

Rx+ - 70/53, 50/30
Rx - 53/35, 40/20
Sc - as needed.

Score is total reps.



Regional Week 1 Finished, Week 2 This Weekend!

Happy Wednesday y'all,

The first round of regional action is all wrapped up, hope you got to catch some of the exciting finishes and heart pounding last minute position jockeying! The South, Europe and East regions are sending 5 teams each and 10 individual athletes (5 women/5 men.) This weekend features a regional with reigning "Fittest Man on Earth" Mat Fraser. You don't want to miss his performance! 

Here's what to watch for Week 2!

Don't forget to sign up for your Murph heats also!

Cycle 2 Day 8

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The question of the day:

What’s your real favorite book, and what book do you pretend is your favorite to sound smart?

We will be running Murph this Saturday.

Please note on Memorial day itself the gym will be closed for all classes.

We will be having a combined potluck BBQ and Memorial Day Murph event.

This Event is for EVERYONE, Members and NON members. So bring your friends and family.

Heats at 9am, 10am and 11am

Back Squat (7 sets of 3 reps.)

Every :90 for 7 rounds, complete:

3 Tempo Back Squats

3 Second decent-3 second Pause at Bottom - 0 Second Ascent(stand up fast).

Start around 70% and work up each set.

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

18:00 AMRAP

30 Dumbbell Snatch
30 Push Ups
30 Air Squats
30 Calorie Row

Rx+ - 70/50
Rx - 50/35
Sc - as needed.




Tip Tuesday: 10 Tips For Successful Fat Loss!

1. Stop eating sugar. Studies suggest that sugar is more addictive than drugs like cocaine and heroin. When it comes to fat loss, you’ll want to avoid eating any sweets (whether or not they are labeled “Paleo”). No soda (not even diet soda), no fruit juices of any kind, and definitely no “sports drinks.”  Check out this article: Research Shows Cocaine And Heroin Are Less Addictive Than Oreos. Forbes Magazine, October 2013.

2. Avoid artificial sweeteners. A study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health found that consumption of Splenda (sucralose) resulted in negatively altered gut flora. Sucralose consumption resulted in significantly reduced amounts of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal system as well as alterations in pH. In addition to sucralose, sugar alcohols such as mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, lactitol, and maltitol are known to cause bloating, gas, diarrhea and other forms of gastrointestinal distress.

3. Stop eating gluten. Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat products like bread, pasta, bagels and pretty much anything made with flour. Gluten promotes inflammation, irritates your gastrointestinal system (leaky gut syndrome), and is known to cause auto-immune disorders.

4. Do not eat “gluten-free” or “paleo” versions of junk foods. While these might be acceptable as an occasional treat once you are happy with your body composition, they will not help you achieve your fat loss goals. Paleo, gluten-free Oreos are still Oreos. Other gluten-free items to avoid are gluten-free crackers, chips, cookies, muffins, bread, brownies, granola, and pretty much anything that is usually a cheat food.

5. Avoid fructose as much as possible. Fructose is bad for you. Really, really, really bad for you. Studies have found that fructose has been directly linked to obesity and weight gain. Fructose is metabolized into molecules that readily serve as “backbones” for triglycerides. As a result, you can cause your blood lipids to increase significantly if you overeat fructose. A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a diet of just 17% fructose resulted in a substantial 32% increase in triglyceride levels. High triglycerides are a risk factor for heart disease.

6. Speaking of fructose, do not consume agave nectar. Agave syrup actually contains more fructose than high-fructose corn syrup. It’s deleterious to your health and masquerades as a health food. Even moderate intake can result in elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels [9]. Don’t be fooled by the marketing hype.

7. Avoid legumes such as soy and grains such as corn, barley, rye, and wheat. Grains are pro-inflammatory and contain anti-nutrients like phytates and lectins. Phytates can bind to minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium and cause deficiencies in your diet. Lectins are a type of protein that can cause all sorts of gastrointestinal issues as well as negatively impact your immune system.

8. Eat the highest quality protein you can afford. Grass-fed is almost always better than grain-fed. And wild-caught is preferable to farm-raised for a variety of reasons.

9. Eat lots of vegetables. Brussel sprouts, celery, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, kale, collard greens, spinach, cabbage, radishes, squash, zucchini, lettuce are excellent choices. If your goal is to lose fat, avoid starchy plants like sweet potato, yams, and plantains.

10. Hire a nutrition coach. We can help keep you accountable, advise you on your goals, and help develop a nutrition plan that is tailored to your needs.

-Coach Vic


Cycle 2 Day 7

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The question of the day:

Who is your celebrity look-alike?

We will be running Murph this Saturday.

Please note on Memorial day itself the gym will be closed for all classes.

We will be having a combined potluck BBQ and Memorial Day Murph event.

This Event is for EVERYONE, Members and NON members. So bring your friends and family.

Heats at 9am, 10am and 11am

Bench Press (3 Sets of 10 reps)

Alternating every 2:00 for 6 rounds:

10 reps on Bench Press

:30 Bottom Dip Hold

First interval you complete the 10 reps on bench press then rest the remainder of the 2:00 then, for the second interval you complete a :30 dip hold.

Work up in weight. If 30 seconds is too easy, try :45 or even 1:00.

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

12:00 AMRAP

8 Toes to Bar
16 Wall Balls 20/14
8 Toes to Bar
24 Front Rack Lunges

Rx+ - 115/85
Rx - 95/65
Sc - as needed.



Use these 7 tips to develop a healthy routine

Use these 7 tips to develop a healthy routine

Deciding to make a healthy lifestyle change is great, but following through with your goal can sometimes be challenging. Whether you're aiming to eat healthier, exercise on a regular basis, or quit smoking, it can be difficult to stick with your plans. Following a routine takes the guesswork out of what you should be doing and when, and allows you to gear your energy towards getting things done.

Even if you have the best intentions, changing unhealthy habits to healthy ones can take time. One factor, which may be key to increasing your chances of maintaining healthy lifestyle changes, is developing a routine. A routine is something that you do over and over again, eventually making it a habit. When you have, and stick to, a routine, your mind, and body come to expect certain things at certain times of the day. Adopting a routine creates habits, which can change your life.

Here are 7 psychological principals that impact your ability to build a routine and form positive habits.

    • Decision Fatigue: As you make decisions throughout the day, you start to become worn down and look for shortcuts, such as eating fast food or junk food rather than spending the time making a healthy meal. When you might be so tired after a long day that you find that you're too tired to do anything, including going to the gym.
    • Cognitive Load: Cognitive load is the total amount of mental effort being used in our working memory - or the more you have to think about how to complete something, the less energy you'll have for future activities.
    • Willpower: Willpower is like a muscle. The more you exercise your willpower, the more diminished it becomes throughout the day. Once you've used your supply of willpower for the day, it's very difficult to exercise discipline.
    • "What-the-Hell" Effect: Willpower is an important part of developing any habit, including daily routines. However, despite our best intentions, sometimes we slip up and fail to do what we set out to do or we do something that we swore we wouldn't. While this happens to everyone, how you respond to falling off of the wagon is key. You have 2 choices: you can learn from your mistake and get back into your routine, or you can succumb to the "what-the-hell" effect. For example, if you eat one cookie after swearing off sugar and sweets, the "what-the-hell" effect could lead to you bingeing on the rest of the cookies. This can cause a ripple effect for the rest of the day, week, month, and before you know it, you've given up on not eating sweets because you feel like you don't have the willpower to do so.
    • "Monkey Mind": "Monkey mind," a Buddhist term, means unsettled, restless, inconstant, indecisive, or uncontrollable. Monkey mind can keep you from sticking to your daily routine. It causes you to become distracted from your initial task and when you think back to it 20 minutes later, you're doing something else completely unrelated to that task.
    • Multitasking Isn't Effective: Multitasking is something that everyone thinks is a great idea and the ability to do so a desirable trait to have. However, multitasking is now viewed as a faulty practice that results in you being able to get less done, not more. Daily routines are more than just a checklist - they are the blueprints for improving your quality of life. If you're going to multitask through the tasks you include in your daily routine, don't expect good results.
    • You Need Downtime: It's important to avoid getting caught up in daily routines that allow you time to recharge. According to a 2013 Scientific American article, downtime "replenishes the brain's stores, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to both achieve our highest levels of performance and simply form stable memories in everyday life."

For some people, the word "routine" may have a negative connotation. They associate "routine" with something that is boring or mundane. But when it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes, a routine can have a positive effect for several reasons.

Developing a daily routine provides structure. Most people associate this concept with instilling structure in children, however, structure is just as important to adults. It provides a way of organizing your life so that it makes sense to you and also negates the need regularly schedule your day ahead of time; this, in turn, makes it easy to fit healthy changes into your day.
For example, if you make it part of your routine to go for a walk or jog every morning before getting ready for work, the activity is already scheduled into your day. You won’t have to think about how you'll find time to exercise. You know what to expect. A routine also negates the need to motivate yourself to do something. While you're establishing the routine, you'll have to motivate yourself to stick with it, but once the routine becomes a habit you'll fly through it on autopilot.
A routine can also improve self-confidence: when you stick with healthy changes, you may start to feel better about yourself, especially as you start to see results. The benefits of doing something every day are small, but the payoff can be huge after a while. For instance, if your daily routine includes exercise, you will begin to feel stronger and look more toned, which will motivate you to continue.

Tips for Developing a Routine

If you are aiming to implement healthy changes into your routine, consider some of the following seven suggestions:

    • Establish Long-Term Goals, Then Break Them Down: One of the first steps in creating a routine, especially a fitness routine, is to establish long-term goals and then break them down into smaller, achievable, short-term goals. Having a fitness plan laid out is like building a blueprint for your success: you'll be able to look back and see how you've progressed and you'll never lose track of what your next steps/goals are.
    • Keep Your Focus: Be mindful of the task you're focused on. By pushing aside anything else that doesn't enhance or improve your task, you become completely focused on this one thing, which will allow you to complete your task faster and usually with better results.
    • Set Time Limits: Setting a time limit for yourself can make staying focused seem more doable. It can also help your routine be more balanced since you'll have a set schedule for the tasks included in your routine. The free time created by having time limits allows you time to include things you enjoy doing, like reading or book or watching a movie.
    • Be a Little Flexible: Routines can be a good thing, but keep in mind you don’t have to live as if you've joined the Marine Corp. Allow yourself a little flexibility to change things occasionally. For instance, breaking from routine on vacations and holidays may be just what you need to give yourself a rest and stay motivated.
    • Realize Developing Routines and Healthy Habits Takes Time: As when establishing long-term goals, healthy lifestyle changes don’t occur overnight, but they can and will happen eventually if you keep at them. Changing behavior can take a while. While many people have heard it takes 21 days to change behavior, that may just be a myth. According to The National Institute of Health, it may be more realistic to expect changes to stick in about ten weeks.
    • Keep Track of Your Progress: Keeping a journal to track your progress as you develop and settle into your routine, especially a fitness routine. Writing down your workouts allows you to compare how much faster, stronger, more fit you're becoming. It can also help you further refine your goals. For instance, if you start running every day, you may find that you want to run a certain distance or improve your runtime. Writing down your progress with each run can help you see how you're progressing and chart out how long it will take you to achieve your goals.
    • Tweak Your Routine as Needed: Evaluate your routine from time to time to determine if it's still helping you meet your goals. For example, you may have started with 20 minutes of exercise each day, but as your body gets stronger that may not be enough to challenge yourself. If that's the case, you may need to increase the amount of time you spend working out. Make changes when you need to and don’t let your routine limit you.

Stay healthy my friends,

Coach Graham


Cycle 2 Day 5

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The question of the day:

What do you never leave the house without (can’t be your phone, keys or wallet)?

We will be running Murph this Saturday.

Please note on Memorial day itself the gym will be closed for all classes.

We will be having a combined potluck BBQ and Memorial Day Murph event.

This Event is for EVERYONE, Members and NON members. So bring your friends and family.

Heats at 9am, 10am and 11am

Pull-ups (5 Sets of 5 Reps.)

Every 2:00 for 5 Rounds:

5 Weighted Pull Ups

Warm up to a difficult weight for 5 reps.

Scaling Options:

5 Pull up Negatives
- Start with your chin over the bar and lower yourself as slowly as possible.


5 Banded Pull Ups
- These should be as hard as possible. There's no benefit in bouncing around for 5 reps.

Annie (Time)


Rx+ - GHD or Weighted sit ups 20/14 WB
Sc - as needed.



The Murph Challenge - Saturday May 26th


We will be running Murph on the Saturday of Memorial weekend this year the 26th.

Please note on Memorial day itself the gym will be closed for all classes.

We will be having a combined potluck BBQ and Memorial Day Murph event.

This is a FREE event and donations to the Murph Challenge Fundraiser are 100% optional.

  • What is the Murph Challenge?: An annual internet based fundraiser for military charities. It’s based on a workout called “Murph”, named after Medal of Honor recipient Michael Murphy. The idea is to honor ALL of our fallen military members with a challenging workout.


  • Who can participate?: Anyone! You don’t have to be a member of CrossFit Hard, nor do you have to be able to do the entire workout to participate, just do what you can. You can do the entire thing yourself, or complete it with a team (Limit 4 people/team). So bring your friends and family for what promises to be a fun day again. If you are not comfortable with these exercises, you can create your own version. What’s your “MURPH”?


  • When?: Saturday, May 26th 2018, 9 am – 12 pm. We will start new heats each hour 9am, 10 am and 11 am 


  • Where?: CrossFit Hard, 5020 Boiling Brook Parkway, North Bethesda, MD 20852 


  • Why?: To honor fallen military members with our pain and sweat, and to raise money for charities supporting military causes. The workout was a favorite of fallen Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient Michael Murphy, and is thus called “Murph”. This workout is designed to attract a large number of participants and create a new Memorial Day tradition. Michael Murphy was an avid Crossfitter and used to do the workout now named Murph in preparation for his deployments. He did it wearing his flack vest and referred to the workout as “Body Armor”. It was renamed “Murph” after his death. 


  • How much? BBQ and WOD are FREE! Burgers & Hotdogs will be provided, however we do ask that everyone bring their favorite paleo side dish. Store-bought vs. homemade? No worries, all food is welcome!


  • Interested in supporting the official 2018 Murph Challenge Fundraiser? Registration is $45, and includes an awesome event shirt made by FORGED clothing. All profits go to charities that support military causes. Register here.

This Event is for EVERYONE, Members and NON members.

The "MURPH" workout...

1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run
(all while wearing a 20# weight vest)

Event starts at 9am, first heat starts at 9am sharp. Sign up for heats at the gym. Although this is NOT a competition, there will be 3 divisions, RX, Scaled & Team. RX, Can do wod as it is written & complete all reps w/ no modifications. 20# weight vest recommended but not neccessary, however, those NOT wearing a weight vest cannot beat score of those who do wear them. SCALED, Can make modifications to wod, does not have to perform wod as it is written, can change amount of reps. You do not have to be able to do standard pull-ups, push-ups or air squats, can walk or run. TEAM, You & a friend share the workout. Divide reps & runs any way you want between teammates. You can RX or Scale the wod. People who are new to Crossfit (never done it before) or those who have only been doing it for less than 3 months WILL be expected to scale this workout, NO EXCEPTIONS. A scaled version will be provided.


Sweaty Saturday!

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The question of the day:

What blog or website are you embarrassed to admit you love?

Metcon (Time)

10 Rounds with a partner

3 Rope Climbs
6 Power Cleans
24 Calorie Bike

30 minute CAP

Split work any way.

Rx+ - 205/145
Rx - 185/135
Sc - as needed.



You and Mat Fraser Vs. Linda and Triple 3

The events for the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Regionals have been announced, and Friday will feature two historic CrossFit workouts.

Event 1 is the Triple 3, which kicked off Friday morning at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. It is also the event that gave us a classic moment: A struggling Rich Froning running/walking to a 37th-place event finish (with a time of 38:31) before going on to win his fourth straight Games title.

Event 2 is Linda, which was first featured on on July 5, 2003, and later became affectionately known as the “Three Bars of Death.” Linda has been programmed a total of 31 times on, while Triple 3 has only been programmed once, on July 24, 2014, during the Games.

Nearly 5,000 athletes have logged a score for Triple 3 on BTWB since the event was seen at the Games in 2014. Over 15,000 have logged scores for Linda. These results include athletes with a wide range of abilities from several thousand CrossFit affiliates worldwide. Below, we’ll take a look at the data to give us an idea of what to expect at Regionals.

Event 1: Triple 3

The Regional version of Triple 3 is a little different: Regionals athletes will be suffering through 3 miles on the Assault AirRunner rather than the street outside the StubHub Center. The AirRunner is a self-powered treadmill with a reputation for being much harder than normal running. This should slow the run times down quite a bit.

Overall, 81 percent of the male results and 63 percent of the female results logged on BTWB are as Rx’d. This is pretty similar to the numbers we saw for a lot of the Open workouts, suggesting Triple 3 is similarly accessible to the average CrossFit athlete.

Looking at the numbers, the 49-minute Regionals time cap seems pretty generous. Eighty percent of the Rx’d men and 50 percent of the Rx’d women on BTWB were able to finish the workout in under 49 minutes. Based on this, we should expect very few athletes to be saved by the bell on this workout, and we all get to wait for the AirRunner to slowly suck a full 3 miles of life out of each and every competitor.

At the 2014 Games, Rob Forte won the event for the men with a time of 33:03. Kristin Holte took the top spot for the women with 36:07. From the BTWB data, times of 34:43 for men and 38:20 for women put athletes in the 99th percentile. Rich Froning’s time from 2014 would have put him outside the top 10 percent of athletes worldwide.

Of the three parts to this workout, the run generally takes longer than the row and the double-unders combined. The average time for a 3-mile run outdoors is 25:50 for men and 29:05 for women—not enough masochists have posted 3-mile times on the AirRunner to give us statistically significant data. The average time for a 3,000-m row is 12:16 for men and 13:56 for women. The average time for 300 double-unders is 6:34 for men and 7:17 for women. Keep in mind that these average times were logged when athletes did each piece separately. We would expect some drop-off in the double-under and run times due to the extra fatigue that comes from combining all three pieces.


Event 2: Linda

The Regional version of Linda is also different from the traditional benchmark. The loading for the original version is 1.5x body weight for the deadlift, 1x body weight for the bench press and 0.75x body weight for the clean. Prescribed loads based on body weight are pretty rare in CrossFit benchmark workouts, and the Regional version prescribes fixed loads instead.

The weights appear to be based on roughly a 195-lb. male and 145-lb. female (except the women’s bench-press load is 10 lb. lower at 135 lb.). This is in line with historical average body weights for male and female Games athletes.

With fixed weights, heavier athletes will be performing a relatively easier version of the workout, while lighter athletes will be going heavier than normal. This could make it tougher for some lighter athletes to get the work finished under the time cap.

Linda is quite a bit more popular than Triple 3, with more than three times as many scores logged on BTWB. When looking at scaling rates of the original Linda, we found that about 42 percent of the men performed a scaled version. For the women however, over 90 percent of the results were scaled. This huge disparity suggests that repping out body-weight bench presses is more challenging for the women.

To shed some light on this disparity, we can look at 1RM-bench-press data. Below are selected 1RM percentiles for men and women on BTWB, looking at over 85,000 results.

For a man in the 80th percentile, the prescribed bench-press weight on Regional Linda is 72 percent of his 1RM. For a woman in the 80th percentile, the prescribed bench-press weight is 100 percent of her 1RM. Needless to say, it’s not easy to perform 55 reps of your 1RM during the course of a workout. For comparison, a woman would have to be in the 99th percentile for her 1RM bench press in order to achieve a percentage similar to that of an 80th-percentile man.

To say it a different way, almost 80 percent of women can’t even perform 1 rep of bench press at 135 lb. For the men, only 25 percent can’t perform 1 rep of 195 lb.

There are still some disparities between genders on the weights of the deadlift and the squat clean, but nowhere near what we see on the bench press. Below are the same numbers for the deadlift and squat clean.

We expect the time cap on Linda to be much tighter than Triple 3’s cap, especially for the women. Less than 10 percent of the Rx’d men and less than 5 percent of the Rx’d women who have logged on BTWB finished Linda in under 17 minutes.

The 99th-percentile times for Linda on BTWB are 12:52 for men and 15:20 for women. We expect the top times at Regionals to be faster than these.

Scaling Strategies

If you’re thinking about attacking these workouts yourself, you might need to consider scaling one or both of them.

Triple 3 is the more accessible of the two, but we still see that about 27 percent of BTWB users choose to scale it. If you have double-unders and are willing to devote upwards of an hour to the effort, go for it! A shorter option that still gives a taste of the original would be the less-alliteratively named Double 2, consisting of a 2,000-m row, 200 double-unders and a 2-mile run. If you don’t have double-unders yet but you still want to take a crack at the full workout, consider substituting 600 single-unders.

Linda is tough to do as prescribed. There are 55 reps of each movement, so the weights need to be quite a bit lower than your deadlift, bench and squat-clean 1RMs. A good scaling option for men: the Regional Rx’d women’s weights (220-lb. deadlift, 135-lb. bench press and 105-lb. clean). For women needing to scale, a 155-lb. deadlift, 95-lb. bench press and 75-lb. squat clean would be a good option to consider.

Article sourced for

For more info, click here

Cycle 2 Day 4

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The question of the day:

What’s the most random thing in your purse/wallet?

Push Press (5 Rep Max)

Take 15 minutes to complete:

7 sets of 5 reps ending with a 5RM.

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

10:00 AMRAP

10 Double Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerk
10 Box Jump Overs 24/20
10 Toes to Bar

Rx+ - 70/53
Rx - 50/35
Sc - as needed.



It's Showtime!

The time has come, "Regionals" are FINALLY here. For those of you who find pride yourself on being CrossFit fanatics, this is your opportunity to get your fill of the fittest on earth battling it out for 5 spots at the CrossFit Games.

This weekend is WEEK 1 - EAST REGIONAL (Canada East vs. North East). Featuring Games athletes such as Tim Paulson, 3rd place finisher Patrick Vellner and 2x Games Female champion Katrin Davidsdottir. Events start at 9AM and last till 5:15PM. 

Opportunities to view will be on YouTube, and the CrossFit Games Facebook Page.

Click here for more details!


Cycle 2 Day 3

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The question of the day:

What interesting skill do you want to learn?

Mary (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

20-Minute AMRAP of:  
5 Handstand Push-ups  
10 Pistols (5-L / 5-R)  
15 Pull-ups

Scaling Options for Pistols:

If you CAN keep your heel on the ground: you may use a band to help.

If you CANNOT keep your heel on the gound: complete your pistols to a box or bench height that is close to parallel.

Deadlift (5 Sets of 3 Reps)

Take 12 minutes to:

Complete 5 sets of 3 reps

Work up in weight.

Your final set should be AHAP



This Is Supposed To Be Hard

This Is Supposed To Be Hard

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. “

This Tom Hanks quote from A League of Their Own has become a cliché. But here’s the thing about clichés: they’ve become such because they are true.

So call it cliché if you like, but “the hard” is what makes CrossFit great. It is also why it’s not for everyone. As much as the diehard CrossFit Kool-Aid drinkers like to say CrossFit is for everyone, that workouts are infinitely scalable, and that your 98-year-old grandmother can do it—it’s not for everyone. Yes, CrossFit is all-inclusive in the sense that the movements and ideology can make all bodies physically strong and functional. Yes, your 98-year-old grandmother can scale CrossFit enough to make her body stronger and more functional.

But success in CrossFit mostly relies on the mental fortitude of said grandmother. The scaling possibilities are only effective if the individual has the willpower to greet the challenges of the workout with moxie.

The true “hard” of CrossFit lies in-between the ears of the person whose quads feel like they are on fire, but not as on fire as their lungs. What makes CrossFit hard is the decision that person must make, as their body shouts obscenities at them, to stay and fight instead of quit.


What Makes a Quitter Stay?

Is it possible to disregard the protests of your body in the middle of a workout, begging you to rest? Ask any of the thousands of people who do it every day. Many of them will tell you stories of their first experiences with this internal battle of will and how, in the beginning, they listened to the protests; they quit when they thought they were at their max output level. But then, they will continue to tell you how they learned to push past them and find another gear.

How did those people graduate from being “quitters?”

One word: Community.

CrossFit has created environs in which mutual support is just as much a part of the fitness regimen as back squats and running. In group classes, the person who finishes last is often the person receiving the most applause and cheering. And it isn’t a millennial “everyone gets a ribbon” thing. This cheering and support come from genuine respect and admiration for the finisher because he or she has just shown great mental strength by facing the challenge the workout presented head-on and not giving up, despite seeing their fellows ahead of them or maybe even lapping them.

Cheering happens in CrossFit because everyone at one point or another has been in their shoes, has been last, has struggled to finish that final push up or pull up, but somehow found it within themselves to physically make their body cooperate with their mind. That mental effort is what is rewarded with support, and what keeps them coming back for more. No one cares how you scale or modify the workout at that moment—just that you don’t quit. And with a creed like that, the community breeds itself to be full of stronger, healthier people.


The Community of Hard

The lesson of resiliency is the bread and butter of CrossFit’s success. I doubt you could find someone who is great at being a mental badass during their CrossFit hours and a complete weenie in their outside life. One valuable lesson in the gym bleeds into our personal lives. Hence why the communities within these gyms become so close-knit; the people are made of the same stuff.

  • They see the value of hard work, despite a little discomfort along the way.
  • They see the value of supporting those around them because it always comes back in return.
  • They see the value of learning about nutrition to aid in their health and longevity as well as increase their performance in the gym.
  • They see value in trying new and challenging things without the fear of failure or judgment.


These shared values of the community are what make CrossFit valuable in itself. 


Hard Makes Life Easier

Rest assured, I have learned countless lessons about failure through the variety of movements CrossFit asks you to master. The biggest lesson is the response to failure. I’ve learned that it’s okay to not be good at something the first time I attempt it—or the 100th time. I just have to keep doing it. Eventually, if you stick with it, you’ll get that first ring dip, that first double under, or that back squat number you’ve deemed as THE weight. Once you learn to battle through the physical discomfort and frustration in order to reach that physical goal, other outside fears and frustrations in your life start to feel like trivial tests of will, rather than impossible mountains to climb.

Thanks to countless scary attempts at learning muscle ups and deciding it was worth the risk of falling right through those rings in the process of learning, I can now take the same approach to life with confidence. If I had never tried to do one pull up, I’d never be able to get that muscle up. If I never tried to lift 100lb over my head first, I certainly would’ve never been able to lift over 200 over my head. Baby steps, persistence, progression, patience, and of course, moxie; words I so frequently use to coach my clients are the same ones I try to reinforce into my own noggin.


The adjusted statement from earlier now reads “CrossFit is for everyone*.” Everyone who is willing to accept a challenge, knowing they might often fail to complete it, but not fail in giving their full effort. Because, well, “it’s supposed to be hard...the hard is what makes it great.”


Stay healthy and work hard my friends,

Coach Graham


Cycle 2 Day 1

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The question of the day:

What commercial jingle gets stuck in your head all the time?

Ring Dips (5 Sets of 8 reps.)

Every :90 for 5 rounds, complete:

8 Ring Dips

The goal is to make your 8 reps per round challenging.


You may use bands on the rings or dip bars.

If you cannot hold yourself on the rings, complete 8 Strict Push ups per round.


If you can do muscle ups, complete one muscle up into 7 dips.

Or you can complete weighted ring dips.

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds

50 Wallballs
750m Row

Rx+ - 30/20
Rx - 20/14
Sc - as needed.

Try to complete large sets of wallballs each round.



Games Athlete with a Big Heart!

Josh Bridges Surprises Little Boy in Hospital

"Super Cooper" gets a surprise care package from Josh Bridges.

Proof that CrossFit Games athletes have hearts as big as their muscles, here's a recent Instagram post that is sure to make you smile. Josh Bridges sent a care package to a little boy (Cooper) who is in the hospital.

Along with shirts signed by Bridges himself, the care package also included the following handwritten note from the Games athlete and Navy Seal:

"To Cooper:
Keep fighting the fight, big man! I'll be praying for ya, little buddy! Hope this finds you and you kick cancer's butt! I'm rooting for you, buddy! Seals don't ever give up! And neither do you!"

—Josh Bridges

“It’s true that I don’t post much on social media. However, today is different. Today I want to give a HUGE thank you to Navy SEAL and CrossFit Games athlete Josh Bridges for the care package you sent to my son Cooper. Truly, words cannot express my level of gratitude. Thank you! #SuperCooper #faithoverfear #paytheman #keepfightingthefight
"We’re rooting for you Cooper."

Dale League, Cooper's father

Story by CrossFit. See more by clicking here.

If anyone wants to buy a Regionals T-Shirt to support us, I'll need your order by May 14th! Thanks to everyone who has purchased a shirt and donated money, it will be a great help! Our CF Hard family is truly amazing.

-Coach Greg

Cycle 1 Day 34

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The question of the day:

What completely safe animal are you inexplicably afraid of?

Bench Press (5 sets of  reps.)

Every 2:00 for 5 rounds, complete:

4 Reps of Bench Press

Work up every round.

Complete 10 Hollow Rocks between rounds.

Metcon (Time)

For time:

3 Rounds

5 Muscle Ups (bar or ring)
5 Squat Snatch


3 Rounds

5 Shoulder to Overhead
30 Air Squats


3 Rounds

5 Muscle Ups (bar or ring)
5 Squat Cleans

Rx+ - 175/125
Rx - 155/105
Sc - as needed.

No rest inbetween, everything is completed straight through.

Scale muscle ups to 10 pull ups.




Regionals Day 1 Events!

Happy Wednesday everyone! The 2018 Crossfit Regionals begin and HQ is featuring some new events this year. Most excitingly, the BENCH PRESS. Check out the update studio in the link below and weigh in on the new events!

Update Studio Day 1



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The question of the day:

What’s the best knock-knock joke you know?

Sumo Deadlift (3 Rep Max)Take 15 minutes to work up to a 3 rep max sumo deadlift with PROPER form.

These may be "touch and go" or single reps.

After warming up, take 7 sets to work up to your heaviest weight. They may all be sets of three reps or a mixed number of reps with your final set being your 3RM.

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)7:00 AMRAP x2

20 Back Squat
60 Double Unders

2:00 Rest in betweenRx+ - 155/105
Rx - 135/95
Sc - as needed.

Start over for the second AMRAP.

Score is total reps per round.



Fixing Common Rower Errors

Fixing Common Rowing Errors

When it comes to rowing in CrossFit, there are three common errors: early back opening, early arm break and extreme layback.

When the back opens early in the stroke, much of the hip drive is missing, says Shane Farmer of CrossFit Rowing. The legs and hips should work in harmony, he explains.

“As the legs get close to finishing, then we’re going to kick our hips in to continue momentum and help us finish the stroke,” Farmer says.

He adds that keeping a nice posture is key.

In the early arm break, Farmer gives a shout-out to Olympic weightlifting coach Mike Burgener.

“When the arm bends, the power ends,” Farmer says.

The arms fatigue quickly, he notes, but they don’t need to.

In the extreme layback—think handle pulled all the way to the face—power is lost, Farmer explains.

“We see this at almost every single competition, and I’m here to tell you that is not how you get length in the stroke,” he says.

Get long in the front, he says, while keeping the knees just under the arms, the hamstrings loaded and the back tight.

Enjoy your row today and work on tightening up these three areas.

Stay healthy my friends,

Coach Graham


Cycle 1 Day 32

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The question of the day:

What is your favorite smell and why?

Push Jerk (5 sets of 6 reps.)

Every 2:00 for 5 rounds, complete:

6 Push Jerks

Work up in weight.

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

21 Dumbbell Thrusters
500m Row

18 Dumbbell Thrusters
500m Row

15 Dumbbell Thrusters
500m Row

Rx+ - 70/50
Rx - 50/35
Sc - as needed.

This should be heavy and fast, Rx athletes should try Rx+.



Are you ready to change the future of health?

Enrollment in The All of Us Research Program began this Sunday. I encourage all of you to get involved and help speed up health research and medical breakthroughs. Be one in a million and #JoinAllofUs.

Program Overview

The mission of the All of Us Research Program is simple. They want to speed up health research and medical breakthroughs. To do this, they're asking one million people to lead the way to provide the types of information that can help to create individualized prevention, treatment, and care for all of us.

What is Precision Medicine?

The All of Us Research Program is part of the Precision Medicine Initiative. Precision medicine is health care that is based on you as an individual. It takes into account factors like where you live, what you do, and your family health history. Precision medicine’s goal is to be able to tell people the best ways to stay healthy. If someone does get sick, precision medicine may help health care teams find the treatment that will work best. This will help give health care providers the information they need to make tailored recommendations, relevant to people of different backgrounds, ages, or regions.

Wanted: A million people willing to share their DNA and 10 years of health habits, big and small, for science.

If they can build a large enough database comparing the genetics, lifestyles and environments of people from all walks of life, researchers hope to learn why some escape illness and others don’t, and better customize ways to prevent and treat disease.

“A national adventure that is going to transform medical care,” is how Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, describes his agency’s All of Us Research Program.

Congress has authorized $1.45 billion over 10 years for the project. It all hinges on whether enough people around the country will sign up, either online or through participating health centers.


Most of today’s medical care is based on what happened to the average person in short studies of a few hundred or thousand patients with a specific health condition.

And most people who volunteer for those studies are white, leaving questions about the best care for people of different races.

“One-size-fits-all is far from an optimal strategy,” Dr. Collins said. The project involves “precision medicine,” using traits that make us unique to forecast and treat disease. Learning enough to individualize care requires studying a massive number of participants: The healthy and not-so-healthy, young and old, rural and urban, blue-collar and white-collar — and people of all races and ethnicities.


Sure, what genes you harbor can raise your risk for various diseases. But other factors can increase or reduce some genetic risks.

So first volunteers will share electronic health records and blood samples and answer periodic questionnaires about their diet, sleep, environmental exposures and other lifestyle factors. They might wear fitness trackers and other sensors.

And later this year they’ll start undergoing genetic testing, initially to look for so-called “variants” in DNA that affect disease risk, similar to what some private companies now sell, Collins said. Fully mapping the genetic code is too pricey now for a million people, but that more comprehensive approach eventually will be used with some participants, too.

Among the first lessons, Collins hopes to learn is about resilience: Why do some people stay healthy despite smoking or pollution or poor nutrition?

“We have no idea how those people escape those odds,” he said.


Unlike with most medical studies, participants can choose to see their own test results and share them with their physician long before the study reaches any big-picture conclusions. 

One result that might bring a quick benefit: Genetic variants can signal who is prone to side effects from more than 100 drugs, information that could be used to prescribe a safer drug if only their doctors knew, Collins added.

Don't delay sign up today here and help change the future of health.

Stay healthy my friends,

Coach Graham

Cycle 1 Day 31

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The question of the day:

Did anyone watch any NBA or NHL Playoff games over the weekend?

Snatch (7 sets of 2 reps)

7:00 EMOM

2 High Hang Snatches

Work up each set.

Nancy (Time)

5 Rounds for time of:  
400m Run  
15 Overhead Squats, 95# / 65#

Scale as needed.

If you have done CrossFit for less than 6 months, complete the workout doing front squats instead of overhead squats.



Healthy Living for Summer

No matter the time of year, sticking to a structured nutritional plan can be a battle of the mind. But the battle can be even more problematic in the midst of summer barbeques and with patio season continually testing your willpower.  Trying to find the balance between being able to enjoy the fun of the summer and achieving health and fitness goals is a challenge I experience daily, personally as well as through our clients.

While it might seem impossible at first, by shifting your mindset and setting yourself up for success, it is possible to keep your nutritional program while still enjoying your summer. The summer isn’t ruined just because you are dieting.

Here’s how you can have your cake (and ice cream and burgers) and eat it, too - without sacrificing your social life or fitness goals. 


Let Go of the All-or-None Attitude

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when trying to stick to a nutritional plan is adopting an all-or-none attitude - i.e. either 100% sticking to a diet or 100% eating everything.

The understanding of a “diet” as being temporary reflects the inability to sustain it as a part of everyday life. When thinking this way, a diet ends up being repeated and short-lived. It’s most often during the summer season that I see clients fall off the wagon, and it’s because of this mindset that it’s impossible to stick to a diet while still enjoying life.

With only a few months of fun in the sun, no one wants to feel restricted or like they’re missing out on social opportunities. So more often than not, nutritional goals are put on hold for the season while the focus turns to indulging and relaxing. Unfortunately, this not only postpones the achievement of health and fitness goal, but often undoes previously achieved results. In essence, it results in taking two steps back.

Don’t let the season navigate your goals for you. By making small changes, planning ahead, and changing your thought process, you can achieve continued dietary success throughout the summer months, ensuring enjoyment as well as achievement.

Get Creative

One of the easiest ways to stick to a diet plan during the summer is by being creative. So often, due to the “all or none” attitude, I see people overlook simple and unnoticeable diet swaps, changes, and add-ins that make it much easier to stick to a plan without feeling like you’re dieting. Why not save calories where they won’t be missed while still enjoying your favorite foods?

I’m all for indulging every once in a while, but there are many easy ways to enjoy your favorite non-diet-friendly foods that won’t sabotage your fitness goals, but will still satisfy your guilty pleasure cravings.

Why not:

·         Use a sugar-free barbecue sauce instead of the full-sugar?

·         Make your own burgers using lean cuts of meat?

·         Make a fat-free version of your favorite condiment?

The options are endless! If you take a more flexible approach to dieting - and are less focused on whole foods and more focused on macronutrient needs - these swaps are great ways to make the most out of your macronutrients.

Suck It Up

Sometimes you’re going to have to deal with the disappointment of not being able to enjoy exactly what you want at every summer outing. Just because you’re at a restaurant, on a patio, or at a BBQ, doesn’t mean you have to indulge in all of your favorites, even if you want to. By attending and ordering to fit your diet plan, you can still enjoy the event and the company. Really, the focus shouldn’t be the food anyway.

By reminding yourself that your diet isn’t an all-or-none situation, sticking to your program when and where you can, and making the right choices the majority of the time, I do believe you can indulge every now and then. But do it when you can make the most of it and enjoy it to the fullest, not just because it’s convenient. You’ll be glad you did!


Balance Is Best

Whether you’re eating for physique, function, or both, I believe you can find the balance between continued success toward your health and fitness goals and still enjoying the summer to its full extent. Balance is best, and by making the extra effort to ensure you’re meeting the needs of your nutritional program the majority of the time, you will be on track to not only enjoy your summer but to feel good about the progress you’ve made despite the added challenge.

-Coach Vic

Cycle 1 Day 27

Happy May!

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The question of the day:

What’s a funny (appropriate) pick-up line that works for you?

Floor Press (6 sets of 8 reps)

12 minute alternating EMOM

1 - 8 Dumbbell Floor Press

2 - 10 Dumbbell Bicep Curls (each arm)

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

60 Devils Press*

*Every time you stop/take a break, you must complete 30 double unders.

18:00 CAP

Rx+ - 70/50
Rx - 50/35
Sc - as needed.




Walking: No Path to Fitness

Walking: No Path to Fitness

Walking is certainly better than sitting, but it's not as good as specific physical training. 

For an interesting read check out the full article here

Although much has been said about the underwhelming ability of standing and walking to contribute to fitness, we have to remember that the first step to the gym is simply standing up. To a previously sedentary couch potato, that is progression, and it will help, but not much. Taking steps—walking—is the next progression, but it cannot be an endpoint because walking ignores so much of modern human physical function and progression is limited.

The easy thing—walking—is not the best thing. Progressively more challenging training is key to a better life.

Standing up and walking into a gym to train is the only real way to maintain, redevelop and improve work capacity and function across broad time and modal domains in aging individuals.

Stay healthy and see you in class!

Coach Graham


Cycle 1 Day 26

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The question of the day:

What are two truths and a lie about you?

Cindy (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

20-Minute AMRAP of: 
5 Pull-ups  
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Rx+ - use a 20# vest
Sc - as needed

Complete your air squats to a wallball if needed.

Please do not cheat reps.

Pendlay Row (4 sets of 10 reps.)

Take 10 minutes to complete all 4 sets.

Work up in weight.

Complete 10 Abmat OR GHD sit ups between sets.



Regionals Team Fundaiser!

Hello Everyone!

As some of you may heard, the team I competed with through the CrossFit Open has made it to the second stage of the competition season; REGIONALS!!

Our regional competition is going to be held in West Palm Beach, Florida on June 1st-3rd. The event hosts the top 40 men, 40 women and top 30 teams of the Mid-Atlantic and South East to compete for a top 5 spot to qualify for the CrossFit Games! Our team, ProdigyFit, finished 4th overall in the open and we are going to do our best to finish with a top spot to make it to the Games!

To help with travel and event costs, we are selling t-shirts! All orders are for Pre-sale through May 14th. Any one tee or tank is $30 or any two are $50. For orders of two, you may mix and match designs or shirt types. Both designs come in Mens and Womans sizes, with tee or tank options.

For payment, you can give me cash and I will take you order, or you can use Venmo. For Venmo payments, send them to Justin Shaffer 4104043069, comment your NAME, SIZE, SHIRT COLOR and mention my name (so we can sort them when delivered).

If you want your shirt shipped to you, I can take you address down or add it to your Venmo comment. Shipping will be an extra $5 charge. 

I greatly appreciate everyone's support, it means a lot!!

To view the shirt options, click here.

(sorry I couldn't get the pictures to load)


- Coach Greg

Cycle 1 Day 24

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The question of the day:

What’s your best idea for a reality TV show?

Snatch (6 Sets of 4 Reps.)

Every 2:00 for 6 Rounds:

1 Snatch Deadlift + 1 Snatch Pull + 2 High Hang Snatch

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

5:00 AMRAP x2

9 Handstand Push Ups
6 Burpees Over the Bar
3 Snatches

Rest 2:00

Rx - 165/115
Sc - 135/95 or 95/65 or as needed.

These are squat snatches.

If you complete a power snatch, you must also complete an overhead squat.



Trivia + Fitness, who's in?!

Multi-year CrossFit Games veteran Dan Bailey takes part in "Fatigued Trivia." For those of us who love our bar trivia and are fitness enthusiasts, this should be right up your lane! Think counting your rounds and reps post-WOD is hard? Try this on for size!

Check it out below!


Fatigued Trivia!

Cycle 1 Day 23

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The question of the day:

What’s your funniest talent? Or un-talent?

Front Squat (5 sets of 4 reps )

Every 3:00 for 5 rounds:

4 Front Squats @85%

Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds

:30 L-Sit Hold
30 Single Arm Overhead Lunges
:30 Heavy Kettlebell Hold
30 Double Unders

15:00 CAP

Rx+ - 53/35 for lunges, 98/70 for hold
Rx - 35/20 for lunges, 70/53 for hold
Sc - as needed.

Perform the L-sit on a pull up bar.

Switch arms for the lunges whenever necessary.

The heavy kettlebell hold will be completed by holding the kettlebell at your side like a briefcase. Switch whenever necessary but keep the time even for each arm.



Selfish spouces

Let's dive right in today.


Don't be married to the technical pieces of the "how" thinking there is a magical workout or special diet cleanse.


Don't be so focused on "interesting" data from your fitness-wristwatch-tracker thingie... that you will never use to get you closer to your priority-one goal.


Generally speaking, data is either 1) useful, 2) useless, or 3) interesting.


In my humble opinion, ignore everything except the "useful" data.


A quick example is an obese nurse who always walks 10,000 steps daily when she's caring for her patients during a work shift. She's hyper-focused on achieving those 10K daily steps because that's an interesting piece of data.


But she's still obese... so how is knowing that data helping her get closer to her priority-one goal of getting to an ideal body fat percentage?


It's not. The proof is in her outcomes, aka results.


I would argue that you take a break from the fitness trackers and...


*Practice mindful nutrition. Do the calculations to figure out how many calories/macronutrients you need weekly to lose a pound of fat each week (or maintain excellence). Readjust the calculations weekly as you hit your process goal.


*Add four sessions of metabolic resistance training weekly... following the principles of progression and overload. And progressing/regressing exercises based on your ability to perform everything with excellent (read: not sloppy) technique.


*Get eight hours of quality sleep nightly. And be mindful of the daily habits that encourage/discourage a good night's sleep. Booze within six hours of bedtime messes up your ability to get quality sleep. Pre-bedtime screen-time or anything else that screws up your sleep/wake cycle should be avoided too.


*Surround yourself with a team of positive and like-minded folks. Your team should help you get closer to your priority-one goal. Ditch the naysayers and the ones who drag you down into the dirt.


Regarding the "positive team" concept, may I share a "useful" observation after 20+ years of coaching? If this sounds like you, and you take immediate action, your life will improve.


(Begin observation.)


Countless times, I've observed one spouse, or significant other, discourage the other from achieving excellence, for very selfish, even sinister, reasons. 


In a strange and alternate reality, "Mrs. Smith" (not the real names) believes that if "Mr. Smith" gets healthy... the newly fit-and-happy Mr. Smith will leave their relationship.
Mrs. Smith believes that an unhealthy-and-obese mate is less attractive to other potential mates.


She theorizes that depressed-and-unmotivated Mr. Smith is equally unattractive to other potential mates. (She's probably right about that.)


This form of jealousy is not gender-specific, by the way.


I wish I were making this up, but it's true.


If this sounds familiar, just come right out and have an open dialogue with your spouse/significant other. 


Don't sweet-talk around the subject. 


Just have a straightforward discussion about your concerns.... perhaps forward this email to begin the conversation. 


Ask your spouse for help because you NEED their love and encouragement. 


Say, "If you have my best interests in mind, you'll support me by...


*encouraging me to go to bed earlier in the evening

*not bringing junk food into the house

*fostering my desire to follow a structured training program

*not smoking around me

*not drinking alcohol around me

*etc, etc..."


Because what someone DOES is more important than what they SAY.


Figuratively speaking, the writing is on the wall if your so-called co-pilot does not want you to be the very best version of yourself... lean, strong, and filled with energy... free of addiction and preventable disease... building something great while you are alive... and then leaving a positive legacy for future generations.


To be successful you need to ditch the naysayers and surround yourself with a positive support team.


It may be hard to have to say "goodbye" to folks who are masquerading as your "loved ones" however, I promise that you'll thank me five years from now after you've had this open-and-honest conversation about your life's destiny. 


The clock is ticking. 


Address the issues today, because, in time, your life will improve.


(End observation.)

Yes, it's vitally important to have a proven plan because it's how you get the result that you want...


...but that's just it: You are Investing In the RESULT.


So when you focus on achieving the BIG result or getting the BIG outcome that you want, instead of dwelling on the workouts or exercises or've taken a huge step that most unsuccessful folks will never take.


And in this case, when the focus shifted from the "how" to the "result" it opens up a world of possibilities...and I suspect it's going to make you 10X more successful.


OK -Time to publicly share your #1 goal for the next 10 weeks.

Post your responses to these simple questions:

1) What is your priority-one goal for the next 10 weeks?
2) When will you achieve this? (Day, Month, Year)
3) What is your action plan?


Deadline: Email your response before 11:59PM tonight.


Train hard,


Coach Graham


Cycle 1 Day 21

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The question of the day:

What is your real favorite movie, and what movie do you pretend is your favorite to sound cultured?

Good Mornings (4 Sets of 20 Reps.)

Every 2:00 for 4 rounds, complete this complex:

5 Back Squats + 5 Good Mornings + 10 Lunges (5 per leg)

This is accessory work, at no point should you go to failure. Perfect form and position should be maintained.

Complete the complex without racking the bar before all movements are performed.

Feel free to work up in weight.

Elizabeth (Time)

Clean, 135# / 95#
Ring Dips

12:00 CAP

For todays benchmark, preform SQUAT CLEANS for all reps.

If you are not comfortable with a squat clean, perform 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat.

Scale as needed.



Fit and Fabulous: Robyn

So proud of our member Robyn, check out her story:

"On this day two years ago I took my first CrossFit class. It was challenging but also invigorating. Over the following weeks I learned that the limits I thought I was bound by were self-imposed. After some classes I would be so exhausted, but also in wonder at it, like “I just DID that??” The feeling of accomplishment and badassity are a great motivator.

CrossFit Hard was different from other gyms I tried previously, right from the first day. When I walked in a woman I never met before greeted me as she was leaving. On the first day of the challenge one of the owners came up and started talking to me, and made me feel welcome. The classes were led by amazing coaches who ensured me I could continue when I felt there was no way I could, and the whole class gave each other encouragement and cheered each other on. These may seem like little things but to me they were important.

When I decided to continue after the six-week challenge, I had no idea I would still be in love with CrossFit this far into the future. I just knew it made me feel better, that aches and pains I had been living with were going away or already gone, and that I felt strong after the workout of the day (WOD). It was a community and I felt welcome there.

I am so grateful that I had the nerve to try CrossFit. I have made some amazing friends and learned so much about myself. CrossFit helped me change my life. Since starting:

--I can run a sprint three times farther without stopping
--I can row 1000 m in half the time
--I can do Rx (on the floor) push-ups (I used to scale on a box)
--I can do hanging knee raises (after hundreds of ring rows! I couldn’t hang from the bar before) 
--I can deadlift 215 lbs
--I finished all of the CrossFit Games Open workouts this year
--I got my name on the gym leaderboard for an Olympic lift
--I see myself as “athletic” for the first time
--I can move around much more easily and can lift heavy things
--My mood is generally better and I am more optimistic about problems and challenges


Hope this amazing story motivates you! When you see Robyn give her a high five!

Stay healthy and get motivated!

Coach Graham


Cycle 1 Day 20

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The question of the day:

What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?

Sumo Deadlift (5 Sets of 4 Reps)

Every 3:00 for 5 rounds:

4 Sumo Deadlifts @ 80%

Metcon (Time)


Calories on Bike

12:00 CAP

Rx+ - 95/65
Rx - 75/55
Sc - as needed.

Happy Friday!



May Social Event!


The King Farm Wine, Beer and Music Festival Returns!!

Do you enjoy wine, beer, food, music and fun?

Saturday, May 12, 2018

2:00pm to 8:00pm

300 Saddle Ridge Circle, Rockville, Maryland 20850

Come hangout outside of the gym! Tickets are cheap and available for purchase!

For more information, click here

Cycle 1 Day 19

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The question of the day:

What band would you be embarrassed to admit you listen to?

Front Squat (5 sets of 4 Reps)

Every 3:00 for 5 rounds:

4 Front Squats @80%

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

5:00 AMRAP x3

30 Alternating Dumbbell
20 Burpee Box Jumps
MAX REP Double unders in remaining time

Rest 2:00 Between AMRAPs

Rx+ - 70/50
Rx - 50/35
Sc - as needed.

Score is total double unders for each round. Single unders count as .5 reps



Regionals Are Right Around The Corner!

The 2018 CrossFit Games Open season is over and now the fittest around the respective regions are doing to duke it out to secure their spot at the 2018 CrossFit Games in Madison, WI. 

Our region Mid-Atlantic will combine with the South East region to tackle the devious mind of Dave Castro and the WODs featured in this years Regional Qualifier. 

The competition will take place June 1-3, 2018 in West Palm Beach, Florida at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

Tickets can be purchased here!


Cycle 1 Day 18

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The question of the day:

Who is your craziest/most interesting relative?

Push Press (5 Sets of 6 Reps)

Evey 2:00 for 5 rounds:

2 Strict Press + 4 Push Press

Work Up in weight.

Karen (Time)

For Time:  
150 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# / 14#

12 minute CAP

Complete the squat portion of your wall balls to a medball if you normally have trouble maintaining a proper squat (below parallel) while performing wall balls.

Cash Out

3x20 Heavy Russian Kettlebell Swings

3x10 GHD Sit Ups


CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource MobilityWOD